• cicada71

    Amp for thrash-choice of 4 ?

    Hi I'm looking for a good amp preferably to play thrash & death metal through, I've got about $400-600aus to spend and have narrowed it down to 4 combo amps,
    my choices are ,

    -Randall RG75 G2
    -Marshall Valvestate 8080
    -Peavey Valveking 112
    -Peavey Transtube Studio Pro 112

    Can I please get some thoughts on these amps and whether they will serve my purpose, I dont play gigs just in my garage I have a metal muff pedal that I use as well.
    Any suggestions I currently have a Laney HCM30 ?

    I have been advised by a friend that a good preamp are worth it too one that can be programmed or can provide a few different amp sounds, what are these like and are they worth it, any to recommend ?
    Do they just plug straight into the amp ? (sorry I have no idea on these?)


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