Noob question. Is is possible...

Hey, new guy with a few noob questions. Just a few queries I was hoping the great folks on the ESP board might be able to lend a hand: Is it possible to run a SansAmp PSA straight through a cabinet without an amp head? Or can it only be used as a preamp? The PSA 1.1 is perfect for my needs and I'm looking to run it through a Mesa 2x12 Roadstar. Also I'm looking to add a Tascam CD player to my rack to play through an amp, to play along with. Is this possible? Help, much appreciated. btw, I'm using a FX-260 (love the coil-tap :D ) (I decided I wouldn't join the board until I had pics but getting a camera is out of the question for a long while atm, my apologies)

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