MXR 10 Band EQ

Mark K.
so, I have this 7 Band EQ from behringer, which sucks ass because it's way fucking too noisy...but I can get a descent tone out of it with my HD147:) so I'm looking at the MXR 10 band EQ for a more better and more versatile tone...can anybody give me some feedback of the MXR 10 band EQ? and what is the diference with the kerry king 10 band EQ except the 2 outputs? cheers, Mark...

I have an MXR 10 band. No problems with it. Works exactly as you would expect an EQ to work.

Mark K.

yeah so what's the difference between the 10 band eq and the kerry king 10 band eq?


the KFK has 2 outputs, so you can run 2 amps in stereo. The regular 10 band doesn't

I use the regular one, and it totally brought my amp to life.

Mark K.

yeah that's what I have with my 7 band eq...and I think a 10 band brings it even more to life...but I don't know:\ because a dual 15 band eq to do the vetta like thing souds also good, blend 2 tones together...but isn't that overkill? know you need two mics at recording and live playing...and with a 10 band eq just need 1 mic..I dunno how to explain what I mean :P


The MXR 10 band EQs are amazing, you won't regret it!



not that it needs to be said, but yeah the mxr 10 band is fan fuckin tastic bro, works totally tits on my 5150

Yo Daddy

I found my GE-7 was extremely noisy in my rig. The MXR 10 band is a little better as far as noise goes and the lit up sliders are awesome in dark situations.

Mark K.

I'm just need to try both EQ's out :)

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