• TheEnemy

    Mesa Mark IV + Hotplate?

    Ok I want to get a used Mark IV 1x12 combo and im asking myself if ill be able to get anything good from this thing when used in my bedroom and when jaming with my friends in an house basement.
    For the jaming i dont worry but will i be able to get good tone at a bedroom volume?

    My bedroom volume is equal or higher than normal talking..a good loud but not enough to make the walls shake or feel the sound in your chest too much.

    Will a thd hotplate help or maybe the mark iv is already really good at low volume?

    • kgry

      I used one on my Mark III and it worked well. I might be selling it if you're interested. I'm assuming the Mark IV combo is 8 ohms...?

    • ESPManiac

      Tried one on a Mark IIC+, worked well...

    • jsp

      -12dB is pretty significant.

      10^(-12/10) = ~6.3%

      so, (if my math is right) a 100 watt amp will sound like a 6.3 watt amp, which is perfect for bedroom jamming.

    • esp_gaijin

      i love the thd hotplate / gibson stealth and use it always now with my splawn.

      my mesa stiletto doesn't need it, but also i only use the stiletto for cleans anyway so is another reason to not need a hotplate.

      i basically HAVE to use it with my splawn, i can imagine possibly having to use it with a markiv too, they seem pretty loud from the getgo. i just bought one but haven't even had 1 second to try it out since the day i bought it, which makes me cry somedays. :(

      the hotplate's bright switch i find useful, and the tone affect from it is MINIMAL.
      i find no need for its deep switch. using just the bright switch gives me hair-splittingly close to the tone w/out the break, and you have to acknowledge some of what you perceive as a different tone is likely just different VOLUME. Take any sound, play it for a few minutes, then bump up the volume 5-10% and see if it doesn't automatically sound slightly clearer and better to you. that doesn't mean the tone actually changed.

      it takes some effort, but is certainly doable, to a/b back and forth between equal volumes using a plate and not using it with an amp, to see how much tonal affect you can detect. i can't find much at all with a thd.

      marshall powerbrakes are horrible ime.

    • TheEnemy

      Lol im getting all excited about it now...ill finaly have a good lead tone.
      Ill buy the amp and learn to use it and if i dont get enough satisfaction ill try the weber or hotplate.
      Ill soon need to find how John Petrucci eq it for his tone.
      And lamb of god rythm tone and the metalliccazz

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