• Kalibur

    Do any of these Drum companies make drums as good as Pearl and Tama?

    Ddrums,DW Drums,Pacific drums and Orange County Drums.

    • jsp

      I don't know that much about drums, but Orange County is supposed to be pretty amazing

    • Chris

      pretty much all of those companies own tama and pearl in everyway, although it reflects in their prices aswell.

    • Metaldude30

      Check into Mapex!

    • Sixstringhotshot

      Mapex kits are pretty bitchin for their price point. Yamaha has some awesome shit too, I worked with a dude who had an oak custom. Fucking THUNDER.

    • Duffy

      DW's are some of the best drums made in the world and quite expensive. They make a cheaper line called something else, but if you can get DW's that would be a super excellent choice compared to the others.

      Check around. DW's are special. Premier are also good.

      Go with top of the line cymbals too. You will be glad you did. At least Zildjian "A" series. "A" customs are good too. "K"'s and "K" customs are also the best. The other stuff by Zildjian is of significantly lower quality. Other companies also have high quality cymbals as reflected in their prices.


      I have Yamaha drums that are great sounding, with Remo pinstripe heads for that deep, not sharp, rock sound. I've got a second snare, a picolo with the stock remo head that came with it and it pops really sharp; so I have a deep resonant snare head and a sharp snaping one. I like my drums tuned low, just up to the first full resonant note when mounting.

    • Yo Daddy

      Sonor drums are pretty kick ass too.

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