How to get glue off guitar?

I got Gorilla glue on my guitar. I've tried rubbing alcohol and my dunlop polish. Is there any trick or product that can take glue off without harming the finish.......:confused:
Andy RV

I managed to get some glue on the back of my edwards RV and i've still not managed to get it off, I think its there to stay. :(


lots and lots of paint thinner.

Mark K.


Richard A.

Try Lighter Fluid for a zippo type lighter(not Butane) that should work and not harm your finish


I'm not familiar with Gorilla glue... how strong is it? Is it crazy like super glue, or more like elmer's school glue?

Whatever you decide to try, experiment on a small spot on the back of the guitar first, to make sure it doesn't mess up the finish.


I did this when I glued my strap lock screws in. Shit is still on there.


BENZYNE and a cotton.


you could always try goo gone that stuff might work


Did you try screaming at it? Insulting its mother, perhaps?


who the hell could use those over guitar's paint ???!!!
Benzine and a cotton,I already use it hundred times.

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