ENGL Screamer Vs ENGL Thunder

ENGL Screamer Vs ENGL Thunder
I am looking at the combo versions of theese amps for my next amp, nevermind the Mesa Express, i want something a little diffrent than a Mesa at the moment. Now what are they like for modren Down-tuned Metal like Chimaira and Arch Enemy and more classic Standard tuned metal like Metallica and Iron Maiden??? And the clean channels on them are they good as well??? I want a good versitile amp that can take buth the Active H/Bs EMGs of my EC-500 and the Passive H/Bs of my EC-1K but also sound good with the single coils of my Fender H1 Strat as well. Thanks in Advance.

Well... I don't play much drop tuned metal, but my Thunder works very well for Psyopus/Dillinger Escape Plan type stuff. After switching to Tung Sol power tubes my amp has amazing clarity, gain, and headroom. I haven't played active p/u's through it yet, but my Duncan's and DiMarzio's sound very good!

The only problem I have with it is all the channels share the same EQ so you have to come to a compromise between your clean, crunch, and lead channels, and sometimes need to play with the volume on your guitar. Otherwise it has a sweet tone and very road worthy.


I have worked with a shared EQ before and i felt it worked pretty well.

What like is the FX Loop for the Thunder and Screamer???

Andy RV

Can't say anything about the FX loop because I don't use it, but they do down tunded chugga chugga quite well, the screamer has the advantage of more choice of channels at your feet with the foot switch, i think thats about it.


It's got a knob for FX mix to really wet/dry the signal. I haven't really used it too much but it does work. I used an old 80's DOD chorus, eq, and aural exciter and the results were just as good as running it in front of the amp.


I'm more of a guitar/cord/amp kinda player.

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