Brutal Modern Metal Amp - what's good at bedroom volumes?

What brutal heavy gain/metal amp is great at low volumes, with no fizz?
Hans B.

Mini rectifier with an od pedal. You can switch between 25 or 10 watts and the sound will be manageable. It depends who your neighbors are. I run a single rectifier through a 4x12 in my living room at '10 o clock and never get any complaints.

Blade L.

well for me? i have a few options, once in awhile i'll use the "Computer Software" Xport($54.00) to just Toodle around on  also have iRig(iphone one) that one is nice too $19.00 bucks! load on phone ,plug guitar into Phone ,dial in your sound...

or my Peavey Vyper Vip-1($120.00)

it's a little 20watter but can get up there if you want some Volume...LOL there nothing like my regular rigs but for practice and toodleing around pretty good

but just a suggestion

Jeremy D.

THE JIM ROOT Terror head or any of the Orange amps from the Dark Terror lineup are perfect for what you want. They are killer metal amps especially the Jim Root and is 15 watts so it will be perfect for the bedroom.  You can always try the Mini Mesa Dual recto as a head or combo too but I assume everyone knows about mesa now.  If you need cheaper used Line 6 amps Line the Flextone II and III are good buys if you can find them. But seriously if you gots the cash ORANGE or MESA


Peavey 6505+ tube combo amp or the 6505 on Peavey Vypyr 30 transistor series.

ps Vox VT are great for rock and blues, but can't give a decent metal tone


I've got the Zoom TM 01 Tri Metal and a small 10 watts Johnson amp. That pedal is a monster. Too bad it was discontinued since 2005.

But most of the time i just use Amplitube Metal with my Sonar 8.


for "bedroom volumes" try these 5 amps

1) Engl Ironball
2) Hughes & Kettner Tube Miester series (  yes the series)
3) BlackStar Metal Series
4) Mesa Boogie Recto-verb 25w
5) EVH 5153 50W

i could go on and on but those are what i would recommend. 
ive played all but the ironball and i've heard great things about it. 

keep in mind that all these amps are affordable under $1100 depeding on models (when i said series amps) 


If you dont need a real amp, you could use Amplitube or GuitarRig...


Any Vox mini amp really...

Andrew E.

I've been using a Blackstar 5 watt unit...just right for me.

Vedran P.

That small Hughes and Kettner tube amp.., there's a 5w version.., friend of mine has it, uses it in studio.., says it's a smaller version of H&K Triamp


But if you use a pre amp will do better with engl powerball 2 is great sound 

Stevie Strings

How much are you willing to spend? Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister is the way to go. Best all-around home, studio, live little monster there is. You have power selection from 36W, 18W, 5W, 1W and silent recording through a built in Redbox out. It takes several types of tubes and is self-biasing with continuous monitoring and it's all automagic! It's got limmitless possibilities and sounds killer, from crystal clean, to Hard Rock, to Metal, to Death Metal. It's all in there. It's a lil pricy but if you can work out a dealio, it's an amazing piece of gear. I love my Tubemeister 36. I would not trade it for anything, EXCEPT a Grandmeister!

CHANNELS Clean, Crunch, Lead, Ultra
POWER 36 Watts
POWER SOAK 18, 5 , 1, 0 Watts
PREAMP 3 x 12AX7
EFFECTS LOOP Serial, switchable
REVERB Digital Spring Reverb
MULTI-FX Tap-Delay, Modulation (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo)
MIDI In, Out/Thru
FOOTSWITCH FSM-432 MK III (optional)
SWITCHING FUNCTIONS Presets / Channels, Boost, Delay, Modulation
SPECIAL FEATURES Programmable Power Soak, Noise Gate, Smart Rotary Controls
DIMENSIONS 445 x 170 x 150 mm
WEIGHT 7,7 kg
PROTECTIVE COVER Softbag included


Hayden H.

I'm struggling to get a decent metal tone from the tubemeister 36 even with a tubescreamer. The gain on the amp is really fizzy and without the overdrive it really doesn't do high gain tones particularly well. I must say I'm rather disappointed with it.


HT-5 Metal

Michael S.

Check out Randall Diavlo series (1w, 5w, etc.) they have a number of options and they sound good at low volumes without being fizzy.


Another Amp i can recommend is the mini recto. Youhave the nice recto sound but if you keep the master low it is still good for bedrooms. You still have the option to crank it up. It is not that cheap though.

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