Brutal Modern Metal Amp - what's good at bedroom volumes?

What brutal heavy gain/metal amp is great at low volumes, with no fizz?

Kind of an oxymoron there. I can tell you the Engl Powerball sounds pretty good at low volume, but never as good as it sounds cranked.


I totally love Engl amps. But I think the Powerball is a bit over the top for "bedroom". At home, I have a Gigmaster 15 and the powersoak is doing pretty well for bedroom volumes.


I have a Vox AD50VT and that can get some decent modern metal tones out of it with the presets. The best thing about it is that it has a wattage output knob on the back so you can turn that down and crank up the volume all the way so you can have bedroom volume without sacraficing tone. And the price on them is unbelievably cheap.


lol nice setting name :rollin


im getting a vox ad50vt cus it was nice at low volumes.


you don't need a tube amp for the bedroom

I do!


Cornford amps. They do some low wattage amps, which would, due to lower volume levels, sound great at low volumes.

Only problem is they are damn expensive, but they sound incredible.



Just received my 256 and I love it except that it is very neck heavy. Has anyone with a similar issue figured out where to move the strap button to? I have a wide, padded strap, but it still drops too much. I want to avoid drilling a bunch of useless holes.
I realize that it's a matter of wood from guitar to guitar as I have owned a few SG's and only one of them was a neck diver.
I figured I would see if anyone had discovered a magic spot already.


You can either relocate the front pin to the tip of the horn or move the back pin up the side of the body. There have been threads posted with pics. Try a search.


I DID put it on the tip of the upper horn and now it balances perfectly.

I now understand why the factory doesn't do it. It's extremely hard to get the drill around the neck to make the hole. Unless you use some kind of right angle jig you cannot put it right on the tip.

Nenad Z.

Try an amp with the low wat settings switch, with which you can easily swap from 100 to 5 wats. Something like "Blackstar series ONE"


I have a Krank Rev Jr Pro 50 watts. It sounds really huge but the FX loop isn't very good. Anyway... always remember: "Must buy an attenuator".


Triton P.

I am really loving the Yamaha THR10X. Very small but sounds very good. However, I find that I don't use that much gain to get my tone, but if you turn the gain all the way up it doesn't sound unpleasant.

Turtle m.

I have a 5w blackstar combo amp. It does the trick for me at lower levels. Sounds better cranked but still decent with the volume low. 

Alec M.

I like to leave my 120w half-stack at the practice space and just use a good ol' Roland Cube at home. I wouldn't necessarily call it a 'bedroom' amp but the EVH 50W model sounds great at low volumes through a 1x12 or 2x12 cab.

Rex Rocker

I also have a Krank Rev Jr., but mine is the 20W standard version. It does not sound very good at low volumes, IMO.


MAYBE if you swapped the tubes for some quieter 6V6's, and run it through a less efficient speaker like a Heritage Greenback, but the way it comes stock, NO WAY, IMO. I've used it with JJ 6V6's (not the least powerful 6V6's available, but quieter than the stock 5881/6L6's), and nope. Still have to run it pretty loud or else it sounds like a frying pan.

Death Magnetic

the jvm 205h sounds perfect at a lower volume, I mean I don't know how low you're trying to go, at what point do you just say fuck it and not plug in? but the JVM205 is definitely reasonable.


Mesa Mark V in 10 watt mode


Depends on what you want, really... when it comes to tubes, i dont know...

But for "bedroom-volumes" and low volumes and stuff, you might consider digital modeling Amps, maybe...
I'd go with a Line 6...

Actually, i am using a Line6 Pod XT, hooked to my Computer (for practice and recording riffs), and it does indeed sound very nice and "fizz-free" even at low volumes.
Alternatively, i like hooking it up to he PowerAmp / Line-In of my Hughes and Kettner Club Reverb... Its a bit more tricky to keep the volume low, but it works just as nice.

And if your neighbours still wanna kill you, you can still always plug a headphone into the Pod XT (or the Line6 Spider or whatever you wanna use)

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