JCM 800 Problems

ok.... I picked up an old 80's JCM 800 50 watt 2 channel (model 2205) with a 1960a slant cab for $500.00 (I'll post pics, but we all know what Marshall half stack looks like.) The person I bought it from bought it new in 85-87 (he can't remember) Both pieces are absolutely MINT, no scratches tears or anything. The seller says it doesn't have more than 20 hours time on it (and it looks it) the problem is after playing for a while (sometimes 10 mins, sometimes an hour) the thing fades out, I can still hear what I'm playing, but it gets real muddy and "distant" sounding. If i flick the switch (either power or standby) off and back on a few times, sometimes it comes back, but then it fades back out. I thought it was heat related, but sometimes, it is out right when I turn it on so I'm not sure. I'm going to bring it to the shop, but I figured with this boards infinite wisdom, I could go at least knowing what may be wrong. I don't think it's the tubes cuz it came with a new (from the 80's but never used) set in the box, I put them in, and it does the same thing. Any help is appreciated.

Sounds like tubes to me.


POWER TUBES bro. If there's a drop in volume my guess is power tubes... if it sounds like chunky rat shit with missing gain... pre amp tubes.


Hello to all ESP fans,

I have been viewing the forums for a long time just never really joined in on the fun.

I have a question that might have been answered at some point put I had no luck with the search tool.

Since Gibson lost their lawsuit against PRS and PRS still has the 2 tone, 2 volume configuration, will we see ESP return to the Eclipse I at any point in the US? Or will we see an ESP Eclipse Full Thickness like the LTD this year?

Thanks for your time everyone \m/

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not necessarly the power tubes, could be the power supply capacitors. They are 20-odd years old. It sounds like they're not holding their charge properly. If you don't know what you're doing then don't start messing around with them as there's probably 400V's floating around that section of the amp.


^ +1 Tech time man

Josh in NY

After seeing that the EMG VMC Variable Mid control can be used in a guitar, I've been curious to know how it would sound. I've also been curious to know if anybody has used one in thier guitar before. If so, how did it sound? I'm considering getting one to try in one of my guitars and wanted to know if anyone had any prior experiences with it...

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