Line 6 POD X3 live

So i made the leap from tubed to the world of digital modeling and bought the new X3 live. I decided to do this as right now i play a wide variety of music,. from harder stuff that requires a high gain amp to cleaner stuff that a fender combo (or something similar) would be better suited to.. as well as somewhere between (the rock stuff). With a brand new baby I cant justify having a basement full of gear right now so I sold everything I had, bought the X3 and an ESP eclipse standard (black cherry) and banked some money. I couldn't be happier. The X3 models are amazing. The diezel, Engl, 5150 and bogner models sound huge and have crushing gain. Im very impressed. Over the past couple years I have considered buying a vetta II on a couple occasions but just couldnt justify the price. The X3 sounds just as good and is much much cheaper (i paid $499 at my local GC) Being able to set things up like a pedal chain is an amazing idea and the ease you can navigate within everything is miles above the XT live. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents.. ill try and get pics of my eclipse soon.

So what are you running it through? PA, comp, amp?


right now im just running it through a set of headphones which is working just fine. i don't play out anymore so thats really all i need. im looking at getting a high end set of studio monitors to run it with for home use. Or possibly a keyboard amp (suppose to be a good platform to work with)

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