• ESP 348

      VERY nice man!!! I saw one of these for sale when I was on holidays a few months ago at a music shop.

      It looked awesome and they told me it sounds awesome too! Lol. I never had time to stick around and play through it unfortuntately. }

      Congrats and enjoy mate.

    • themisfit138

      After spending a little time with the JP-2C, and a tube swap, it is very close in tone to the IIC+ or IIC++. It can do both tones very well. If you hear them both without knowing which one is which, you would have a hard time picking the IIC++.

    • ESP 348

      Great to hear man.

    • Zachary W.


      ESP ec-1001fr
      Ibanez Gio 7-string
      Conn C-series CSE-7
      Shitty Fender Squier


      Fender Mustang II
      Peavey Decade
      Fender Frontman


      Boss Chromatic Tuner
      Metal Muff
      Dimebag signature Crybaby
      Boss Looper


    • RZK

      I'm a little late to the party.



      ESP RZK-1 sSilver (X2)

      ESP RZK-1 Custom Shop Silver

      ESP RZK-1 Satin Black

      ESP RZK-1 Olympic White

      ESP RZK-1 Burnt

      ESP RZK-II Burnt

      ESP Eclipse (4 knob) Vintage Black

      ESP 901 See Through Red

      ESP KH-2 Black

      LTD EC-1000 Black Cherry

      LTD EC-400 Black

      LTD EC-50 Black

      Takamine EF341SC Black



      Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Voodoo Amplification Platinum Mod, owned by Richard Kruspe)

      Peavy 6505+

      Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier cabinet

      Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabinet (Owned by Richard Kruspe)



      MXR Smartgate

      MXR Carbon Copy

      Ibanez TS-9

      Dunlop Crybaby



    • Pims

      Kh-2 custom shop neckthru

      KH-2 vintage (1 2017 and another 2008)

      George Lynch Sunburst Tiger (signed)

      ESP Demonology (on its way from ESP)


      Mesa Boogie Triaxis,

      Jim Dunlop DCR-2SR

      Axe FX 2 Mark 2

      Mesa Boogie 2:90

      2x12 rectifier cab

      Decimator ProRackG

      Furman PL8-Plus

      Gordius Little Giant

    • ESP 348

      Nice selection of ESP guitars there man.

      Did you place an order for the Demonology?? How long is the wait for it?

    • Pims

      Thanks! I ordered the demono via omega music in Belgium from the Benelux Germany Switzerland dealer I got the info in July.  It should be here around November. Told it was the only Europe model as of now. If you happen to be Mayones fans it has the biggest stock in EU and definitely one of the biggest stock worldwide

    • ESP 348

      Cheers for the reply Pim. Congrats man.

    • Lewis_08

      ESP MX-II VW (custom order)

      ESP MX-II SW

      ESP EXP (tobacco burst) (custom order)

      ESP M-II CTM (Red)

      ESP RV (All Maple with ebony board)

      ESP Eclipse - I CTM

      ESP KH-2

      ESP CS-7

      ESP EII TB-7

      Gibson LPC 1987

      Gibson LP Classic Honey Burst

      Gibson SG 1961 Re-issue

      Gibson SG 1964 Special (original)

      Ibanez Jem

      Ibanez SA160 (first guitar)

      Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Acoustic 



      Mesa MKV (main amp)

      Engl Powerball

      Marshall DSL 401



      Mesa 2x12 (practice) 

      Marshall 1960A (used live)

      Marshall 2x12


      Dunlop Wah

      Boss Chorus Ensemble 

      Boss TU3

      Boss Delay

      MXR Smart Gate

      MXR Dyna Comp

      Ibanez TS808

      Boss Equalizer

      Not in use often:
      MXR Overdrive


      Random delay pedal 

      Proco Rat

      other stuff



    • 43


      LTD EXP
      LTD SC-500
      LTD Phoenix 401
      DEAN Hollywood Bel Aire (2)
      Epiphone 1970's acoustic


      Carvin V3
      Acoustic 4x12


      Boss DS-1 CH-1 PW-2
      Modtone vintage delay
      MXR phase 100
      Sansamp TRI AC

    • HateEvent

      There have been some minor changes to my list of late. I have a void to fill with a new guitar. Just need to decide what it is going to be  I have a couple of things in mind.





      2003 ESP KH-2 Neck Thru Custom Shop

      2017 ESP MX-II (Vintage White w/ Rosewood Board) - NEW


      2016 Gibson Les Paul Custom

      Jackson Soloist SLX (Slime Green)

      1987 Aria Pro II XR (Red Crackle w/ Kahler 2320) - NEW



      Mesa Boogie Mark V

      ENGL E670 SE EL34

      Marshall JCM800 2203KK

      ENGL Standard 4x12 Slant

      Mesa Vertical 2x12 - NEW


      Been and gone

      2004 ESP Jeff Hanneman S&Key Urban Camo 

      2006 Dean USA Dean From Hell 'DFH' #80/150 

      2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Manhattan Midnight

      Gibson Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom #1046

      Jimmy Moon Custom Shop Explorer (Rosewood Cap)

      1979 ESP Frankenstein Strat

      Gibson Flying V Ebony

      Jackson Kevin Bond Rhoads (Green Bevel)

      Ibanez RG Giger

      LTD Viper 50 w/ SD Invader

      Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom

      Washburn WG-500

      ENGL Powerball v2

      Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Rect-O-Verb

      1987 Randall RG100ES

      ENGL E300 Gigmaster 30 1x12


    • EXPcustom

      This is just part of my gear collection, What you can't see is a JCM800 KK prototype head I got from Kerry directly was used on many recordings and still have knob settings on it. 

      Kurt Cobains actual Nevermind touring recording rig, see that ATA case that says Music Bank. Thats for his 4x12 and I have his Mesa pre with black electrical tape he put to cover the Mesa logo and the Crown poweramp with the techs pen marking it's settings.

      Original 95 VH4 a la Adam Jones Tool.

      Fully loaded C+ none of this upgraded nonsense. Real deal.

      Did I mention I have an entire bass collection as well. I have a few original Aria CB basses like Cliff's. Actually I will be selling one from 85 if someone is interested.

      Anyways this is just a taste or just the tip of the iceberg.

      FYI That's a real original Fish with a Cantrell mod.



    • mehegama


      ESP Horizon FR-II

      LTD MH-1000NT

      LTD EC-1000


      Also as a modelling fan I have the Helix LT.

    • DRT1985


      Epiphone Les Paul - See Thru Peacock

      Epiphone 58 Reissue Explorer - Koa

      Taylor 110e Acoustic Electric

      Ibanez Acoustic

      Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Natural


      Peavey Windsor Head on a Peavey Supreme 4x12 Cabinet

      Marshall MG100DFX Combo

      Yorkville Bassmaster XS400 400 Watt Bass Combo, 2x10 speakers with horn tweeter


      Polytune Tuner

      Boss Chorus Ensemble

      Joyo Vintage Overdrive (TS9 Clone)

      Joyo Extreme Metal

      EHX Cathedral Reverb

      MXR Phase 90

      Donner DP2 Pedal Power Block


      CB 5 piece rock shell kit - 12,13,16 toms 14 snare, 22 kick

      Sabian AA 20" Rock Ride

      Sabian AA Explosion Crash

      Sabian AAX Medium Crash

      Zidjian ZHT 14" Hi Hats



      also, no idea why this is all double spaced!