• Shreddy

      Slammer Pacer
      Edwards Alexi Laiho
      GBA Acousitc

      Zoom G7.1ut
      Crybaby Wah Wah
      Behringer Reverb
      Digitech Death Metal

      Roland Microcube
      Laney TFX1

    • 1point8t


      ESP M-II Custom neckthru 'graffiti'
      Kramer Focus 1k
      Washburn X35 Jon Donais sig
      LTD/ESP Michael Wilton mutt
      LTD MH400nt
      Ovation Applause electric/acoustic


      Randall RG75
      Hughes & Kettner 30r Blue edition


      Line 6 POD XT Live
      Boss CH-2 Chorus

    • freeballin


      Squier M-80
      ESP LTD DV8-R
      ESP LTD JH-600

      Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 EFX

      ISP Decimator
      Dunlop Crybaby From Hell

    • asbloodrunsblack

      Guitars :
      ltd ex400/emg 81 81 & sperzels
      ltd viper100/emg 81 85 & sperzels
      bc rich mick thomson sig / emg 81/60 & sperzels

      amps :
      marshall Valvestate 100, marshall 4x12 cab

      pedals :

      krank distortus maximus
      electro harmonixs POG
      some chorus pedal

    • DUKE

      LTD F-50
      LTD Alexi-200

      B-52 LG100 head
      B-52 LG412 4x12 cab
      Behringer GMX 210
      Marshall MS-2

      BOSS DS-1
      Line 6 Pocket POD

    • JMad81


      ESP Eclipse II
      ESP Horizon NT-II
      LTD H-307
      LTD H-207
      Martin DCX1E acoustic

      ENGL Powerball
      Mesa 4x12 cab
      POD XT (for practice in my apt)

      Dunlop CFH Wah
      ISP Decimator
      Boss DD-3 Delay
      Boss CH-1 Chorus
      ENGL Z-5
      MXR KFK 10 Band EQ

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    • JSHRED

      I am trying to find a metal box for a battery. Not a box for a battery made of metal.

      I've seen some better ESP's (like the KH-2 SE) with what looks to be a battery compartment made of nickel or aluminium.

      Has anyone seen anything like this as an aftermarket part? So far I'm coming up empty on Google and The bay thing.

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    • frantic77


    • emg32


      Sorry, can't do it. Maybe check with Sean.

    • rockinhockey

      gibson sg 61 reissue
      marshall jcm 2000 combo
      boss ge-7
      ibanez ts9
      rocktron hush super c

      all my dads stuff going to get me an ltd soon because he wont let me change the pups in his sg, and hopefully going to get a 5150/vht deliverance with a vader/g-flex cab. we'll see.

    • Cianan M.


      Engl poerball

      orange 412 with v30's

      roland cube 15 watt

      line 6 spider 3 120 watt



      jackson rr24 with one emg 81

      ibanez rg prestige 2550z with2 emg 81's

       an ltd kh 503 but i need to fix it up



      ibanez tube screamer ts9dx

      boss ns-2

      boss cs-s

      boss tu-3



    • Scott L.

      Prs dgt

      prs cu 24 10 top

      prs se cu24 Floyd 

      prs se Clint lowrey 

      washburn g1v

      Esp Ltd iron cross 

      amp....Mesa boogie rectoverb 25 head

      saxon 2x12 cab

      marshall 1960 cab


      tc electronics 




      digitech drop

      isp decimator 

      dunlop jh wah

      mesa boogie throttle box eq

      line 6 g50 wireless 


    • j.t..i.


      ESP Eclipse CTM I FT VBK

      B.C Rich Ironbird custom shop w/ EMG81 / 89  (ordered it in 1998)

      Gibson Explorer gothic stock PU's (bought in 2000)

      Ibanez s540 w/ DiMarzio x2n / PAF

      Takamine Explorer (they only made these breifly in the 80's)

      Ibanez acoustic

      Ibanez soundgear 4 string bass



      Marshall TSL100 head

      Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII head

      Marshall 1960's cab A & B


      Misc/ effects

      Korg rackmount tuner

      Roland GP100 processor

      Ibanez AD-80 delay 

      MXR GT-OD custom shop

      Turbo RAT

      MXR 10 band EQ

      Mostly Lava ELC instument and patch cables

      Lava "The Tephra" Speaker cables

    • Peter W.


      ESP custom Horizon 7 string

      Schecter Hellraiser C7



      Peavey 6505

      Blackstar Series One oversized 4X12



      Dunlop Dimebag CFH wah

      Ibanez ts9 tubescreamer

      Digitech whammy

      MXR smartgate

      Blackstar lt boost

      Electro Harmonix memory toy

      Boss tu-2

      Sine Effect HD boost


      My band has recently been endorsed by Sine Effect and they are currently building me a custom overdrive pedal that Will replace my tubescreamer. They are handmade pedals with all original circuits and worth checking out.


    • jt76

      My Gear,

       updated 3/25/2020

      The following list is a good example of why tone chasing is a bad idea.  Unless you want to end up with more equipment than you could possibly ever need. 


      Equipment I use frequently is highlighted in bold.



      Esp - mid 90's horizon - honey sunburst quarter sawn ash - stock pickups

      Esp - eclipse ii - amber cherry burst -Unknown seymour duncans

      Esp - eclipse archtop - gold top - stock pickups

      Esp - custom shop st - trans honey - flame maple over mahogany - esp, esp, screamin deamon

      Esp - xj6 - trans blue - unknown pickups

      Esp - xj12 - red metal flake - stock pickups

      Esp - vintage plus st - three tone sunburst - stock seymour duncan vintage rails

      Esp - 400 te - red - unknown or possibly stock pickups

      LTD - Viper deluxe - white - 59 neck, sh5 bridge - stock pickups 

      LTD - EC 256 - vintage black - jb neck, sh5 bridge

      LTD - mid 90's M2 - trans red - air zone neck, full shred bridge

      LTD - mid 90's M2 deluxe - trans red ash - stock esp pickups

      LTD - mid 90's M3 (m250) - Trans blue - dimarzio 36th neck, fast track mid, super distortion bridge

      LTD - mid 90's H2 (h200 ) - trans blue - air norton neck sh5 bridge

      Suhr modern pro - flame maple - charcoal burst - ssv neck ssh+ bridge

      Suhr standard pro - flame maple - bahama blue burst- ssv neck ssh+ bridge

      Suhr standard - spalted maple - brown burst - ml ml ssh

      Suhr classic t -claro walnut - s90 - classic t

      Suhr classic t - flame maple - bengal burst - s90 s90

      Suhr classic t pro - ash - two tone -  ssv - classic T

      Suhr classic s pro - candy apple red - v70 v70 ssv

      Gibson 61 sg reissue - dessert burst - stock 57 classics

      Gibson - 2016 - les paul standard - Tea burst  - stock

      Gibson - 2018 - Custom shop Explorer - antique pleham blue

      Gibson - 2018 custom shop les paul standard

      candy apple blue

      Gibson - 2018 - Custom shop les paul special - candy apple red

      Gibson 2018 les paul custom antique pelham blue

      Gibson ES 355 Pelham blue

      Gibson 1972 ES175

      Gibson - 1966 - ES 330 sunburst

      Gibson -1967 -SG standard

      Gibson sg custom - walnut

      Gibson lpj - trans white- stock pickups - 490r, 498t

      Gretsch g6120t 55

      Ibanez -1976 howard roberts - flame maple cherry busrt - stock pickup 

      Ibanez - 1976  2617 artist - natural ash - stock pickups

      Ibanez - 70's 2404 SG shape

           double neck bass and 6 string

      Electra - 1976 Elvin bishop

      Fernandes - 80's supergrade - p90s

      Fender - 1980's MIM strat - lake placid blue - lindy fralin blues set

      Fender 60s roasted strat aged sherwood green relic

      Fender 60s telecaster custom aged seafoam sparkle

      Dean ML - Shadow  - Bill Lawrence wild l500r neck l500xl bridge



       many of my guitars can be seen in the photo section  http://www.espguitars.com/users/1983600/photo_albums


      guitar amps:

      Fargen custom build head

        dual channel AC30 with alt circuits 

          ch1   AC30 / Marshall 1974

          ch2   5F6 A / JTM 45

        Jdesign 2x12 - celestion alnico creams


      Roadhouse 45

      Roadhouse 15

      Fargen old 800 mkii head

        jdesign 1x15 - celestion fullback


      Fargen Blackbird head

        jdesign 2x12 - jupiter condenser 12la /12lc


      Headstrong lil king s

      Headstrong corduroy


      blackstar ht100 head

      mesa f30 head

      laney lionheart 20 head

      fender 1968 bassman 50 head

      fender 1969 bandmaster reverb head 

      fender deluxe reverb 68 reissue

      Fender Concert head - Rivera

      Fender deluxe reverb II - Rivera

      Fender princeton reverb II - Rivera

      Fender Harvard Reverb II - Rivera

      Fender Sidekick Reverb 25

      Fender Sidekick Reverb 30 

      Fender 75 head - Ed Jahns 

      Fender  Vibro Champ xd

      Fender JAM

      Marshall JCM 800 2205

      Marshall split channel reverb 2x12

      Marshall mosfet lead 100

      Marshall Mg 2 fx

      VOX da5

      Peavey Ultra 60 

      Peavey triumph 120



      Guitar cabinets:

      68 fender bassman 2x15

      68 fender 1x15 showman 15 tone ring 

      mesa boogie mkiii half back 4x12 top

      mesa boogie mkiii half back 4x12 bottom

      rivera custom 2x12

      mesa widebody 1x12





      roland gr 20 synth

      korg pitch black

      Boss waza metal zone

      Barber electronics - custom cool

      Barber electronics - super sport

      barber electronics - small fry

      barber electronics - trifecta

      barber electronics - barb eq

      barber electronics - dirty bomb

      fulltone - ocd

      Subdecay - f bomb

      Subdecay - liquid sunshine

      persciption electronics - yardbox

      tc electronic - alter ego

      tc electronic - hall of fame

      tc electronic - corona chorus

      tc electronic - ditto

      suhr - riot reloaded

      suhr - shiba reloaded

      suhr - jack rabbit

      suhr - koko boost

      suhr - rufus

      electro harmonix - metal muff

      electro harmonix - hot tubes

      Electro harmonix - tube zipper

      mxr - phase 100

      Mxr - distortion +

      Mxr - carbon copy

      old blood noise endevors - black fountain

      Maxon 808

      Maxon AF9

      Foxrox octron 3

      Greenhouse effects gold drive

      Greenhouse effects road killer

      Greenhouse effects retro sky

      Greenhouse no brainer

      Wilson effects colorful clone wah

      Ibanez de7

      Basic audio throbby

      Basic audio  zippy

      Basic audio wildcat

      Basic audio tri / ram

      Basic audio Jumbo

      Basic audio clean octave blend

      ( colorsound jumbo tonebender modified clone )

      Basic audio Gnarly

      Mythos earlking

      DCW jam ray

      DCW mountain lion

      Walrus Audio - Fathom




      Bass Guitars

      Suhr classic j

      Nordstrand nj5hl

      Lull pj4

      esp b1 - black - stock seymour duncan pickup

      yamaha sa75

      aria lectra


      fender american deluxe j - trans cherry quilt maple stock pickups

      fender fretless j bass MIM - sage green metallic - dimarzio ultra jazz 

      fender rascal bass MIM- ocean turquios - stock seymour dunacn pickups

      ltd - 204 - sunburst - stock pickups

      cort curbow 6 - faux burl - stock bartolini pickup

      fender bass VI - japan - sunburst - stock pickups



      bass amps

      MarkBass little mark vintage

      aguilar tone hamer 500

      genz benz  gbe500

      hartke ha5500

      ampeg ba 110


      bass cabinets

      euphonic audio vl 210

      Aguilar db112  pair


      Pedals ( in use in my bass rig )

      morley dual bass wah

      hardwire - tl2

      hardwire - sc2

      tc electronics - corona chorus

      mxr carbon copy

      marshall reflector



      lowden o36

      xtone - pa1



      alesis dm 5

      simmons da200 amp



      yamaha - ypg535

      using the roland jc120 listed in my guitar amps


      Items below are Currently for sale:  PM if interested in something


      Guitars and Basses for sale feel free to pm if you want something below.

      Fender - 65 ri mustang - olympic white- stock pickups

      LTD - mid 90's - the mirage - Trans green ash  - stock esp pickups

      Kramer - focus 6000 - metallic blue / green - stock pickups

      Jackson - rr3 - black / chrome - emg 85/81 set

      Agile 3100 - silver burst -stock pickups

      Teisco - ep8t - stock pickups

      Epiphone Emperor - pre joe pass model - stock pickups

      Navigator - lp - stock neck, the hysteric pickups area 59 bridge

      Navigator - sa - stock pickups

      Gibson 1954 Es175

      Esp j four - seafoam green - stock esp pickups

      Esp - mid 90's horizon - trans blue ash - emg 85/81

      Esp - custom shop te - trans honey sunburst - lacewood over mahogany - bill lawrence wild micro coil tele pickups


      LTD - mid 90's h2 (h200 ) - trans red ash - stock esp pickups

      univox coily 

      kingston viola bass


      guitar amps and cabs for sale

      Marshall Lead 12 combo

      fender hotrod deville 212

      2 Marshall 8100 valvestate 100s

      1 Fender London reverb head - Rivera

      Fender dual showman head 1980's red knob 

      Roland JC120

      Peavey Special 112 solo series

      peavey special 112

      Marshall Mg 30dfx

      Marshall Master Reverb 30


      Bass equipment for sale






      Owned and sold


      Jackson - dx10 dfs - flame maple orange burst - emg hz set

      esp 400 series strat - black

      Esp - 400 st - cream metallic  - stock pickups

      esp hoizon 5 - cherry sunburst - stock emg pickups

      esp hybrid - trans red

      Esp - xj6 - trans green - stock seymour duncan mini buckers

      Esp - vintage plus te - two tone sunburst - seymour duncan mini bucker neck, unknown seymour duncan bridge

      ltd - exp

      ltd - ec200 qm

      ltd - E 200 - eclipse - trans blue -emg 81/81 set

      ltd - Ec 404 flame maple bass - trans black 

      LTD - late 90's H200 - trans green - stock duncan design 59 neck distortion bridge

      ibanez - rg320 dxqm - flame maple trans black - ducan distortions

      ibanez - sa 160 - nobel gray

      ibanez - s570b  - red - dimarzio evolutions

      ibanez - js 100 - trans red

      epiphone sg special - green

      epiphone sg pierced 

      Epiphone Zephyr Regent  - stock pickup

      parker - p36 - natural

      dean - ml fr - flame maple honey burst

      dean - vendetta xmt

      hamer - slammer series telecaster orange burst

      schecter - c1 gyphon - trans amber

      schecter - s1 blackjack - 59 / jb

      Seymour duncan ( navigator ) - 55 strat replica  - ssl1 set

      Kramer - focus 4000 - black

      Kramer - focus 3000 - pink- stock pickups

      LTD - TE 202 - three tone burst - sh5 neck, duncan vintage stack bridge

      LTD - KH 502 - stock emg hz pickups

      LTD - EC 256 - cherry burst - stocl g&b pickups

      Fender - showmaster strat - quilt maple burst - stock 59 neck pearly gates bridge

      Fender - powerhouse strat - lake placid blue- stock pickup

      Fender -  Johnny Marr jaguar - olympic white - stock bare knuckle pickups

      Xtone - pc1v - stock seymour duncans

      LTD - AW7 - dimarzio deactivators - stock pickups 

      peavey zodiac - dave ellefson - stock seymour duncan pickups

      LTD - mid 90's EC 100 - trans red - stock duncan design 59 neck distortion bridge

      LTD - Viper 256p - cherry - seymour duncan p90s

      Ibanez - 1976 custom LP copy - black - stock pickups

      Esp - the mirage - trans natural - emg sa sa 81



      owned and sold pedals

      vox satchurator

      Ibanez ts7

      mxr fullbore


      owned and sold amps


      Fender II series 2x12

      Marshall artist 3203

      Fender M80 Chorus

      1 Fender London reverb head - Rivera

      peavey xxl

      peavey tnt bass amp

      marshall 1936 cabinet

      Fender Stage Lead - Rivera

      Fender Studio Lead - Rivera

      hartke transporter 410 cab

      trace elliot 1818x bass cab

      ampeg svt classic 410 cab


      owned but got stolen

      80's yamaha bass - don't remember what model

      cort curbow 6 string bass - faux burl - I replaced it with another one   

      fender 80's mexican strat - lake placid - this managed to find its way back home 






    • FC Spoiler

      1979 Alembic Series I Walnut top+back
      1983 Alembic Spoiler Koa, refinished: Black
      1988 Alembic Spoiler Coco Bolo
      1999 Alembic Orion 5 fretless Walnut
      2010 Alembic Elan 5 Custom
      1991 Fender Prodigy with Alembic guts

      Mesa/Boogie Bass 400
      Mesa/Boogie Strategy 400
      Mesa/Boogie 1x15 Diesel x2 (EVM15L)
      Mesa/Boogie 2x10 Diesel x2 (EVM10M)
      Mesa/Boogie Abacus midi pedal
      SWR Bassic black combo

      Hipshot Bass Xtenders
      Morley PWF
      Morley Classic wah
      E-H Big Muff
      E-H Little big Muff
      Tech 21 XXL distortion
      Boss CS-1
      Ibanez TS 9
      Ibanez HD 1000
      Ibanez HD 1500 + PC-40 footswitch
      Lexicon MX400
      Alesis Midiverb II (x2)
      ISP Decimator II (pedal)
      T-Rex Fuel tank jr.
      Harley Benton Powerplant
      Voodoo Lab pedal power AC
      Line 6 Relay G90
      G-Arts Midi patcher
      G-Lab midi 2 looper
      Zoom 505
      Korg Pitchblack tuner
      Samson PowerBrite pro
      R.Cocco strings
      Amp Clamp Pro mic holders 
      Neutrik connectors
      Cordial cables
      Jan-Al cases
      Roland VS2000CD (used mainly as mixer in the little (SWR) rig)

      No ESP... :-(  (Yet)

    • Matthew W.

      Teeny gear list:


      LTD EC-1000VB

      Ibanez RG


      Line 6 Spider IV 150 w head

      Blackstar Blackfire Gus G 200

      Line 6 Cab


      Blackfire Footswitch Pedal

      Line 6 FBV Express Mkii

      Bad Horsie 2 Wah

    • Danny K.


      my one and only guitar is a BC Rich mk1 Kerry King metal master warlock.


      my POS Marshall MG10CD

    • AK


      ESP JH3,

      ESP Ouija White,

      ESP KH2,

      ESP EXP,

      LTD Skolnick SSB,

      LTD Iron Cross SW,

      LTD Truckster Gray,

      LTD Reign in Blood,

      LTD Viper 300fm STBC,

      Ltd Snakebyte Hutchinson Steel Top,

      Schecter Damnation V,

      Schecter Lex Talionis V,

      Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 FR VRS,

      Edwards LP 98 LTC Iron Cross

      Ibanez RG8,

      BC Rich KKV,

      Washburn Mercury II,


      Amps and Cabs:


      Diezel VH4S,

      Diezel Herbert,

      ENGL Savage 120,

      Kemper Profiling Amp,

      Mesa 4x12 Traditional,

      ENGL Pro 4x12



      Torpedo Reload,

      Dunlop KH-95 Wah,

      Strymon Mobius,

      Strymon Timeline,

      Strymon Blue Sky,

      MXR Carbon Copy,

      Boss PS6 Harmonizer,

      Voodoo Hex Switcher,

      Peterson StroboPlus HD,

      Behringer Multigate Pro XR4400,

      Focusrite Scarlett 2i4,

      Yamaha HS-8,

      KRK Rokit 5 g2,

      GAP Pre-73 MKII,

      Shure SM7b,

      AKG C3000b,

      Grado SR225i,

      ATH M50X, 

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