• Harvest

    Your gear

    I thought this could be pretty interesting.

    Make a list of your gear including pedals etc.


    LTD EX-400
    LTD MC-600


    Marshall ModeFour
    Randall SG100SC


    Line6 Über Metal (for the Randall amp)
    Behringer pedal tuner
    Dunlop Crybaby ZW-45 Zakk Wylde Signature

    • SGCustom

      Gibson '76 series Explorer in brown with EMGs and a black pickgaurd.
      Gibson '76 series Explorer in black with EMGs.
      Gibson Les Paul Custom in wine red
      Fender American Standard Strat in sunburst
      Ibanez RG7321 in black with EMG 707
      Ibanez RGT42 custom colored with EMGs
      Ovation custom baladeer acoustic
      Fender 1973 original jazz bass in natural swamp ash
      Washburn precision bass

      Mesa Mark IV
      Mesa oversized 4x12
      Mesa vintage vertical 2x12
      Crate GTX212
      Crate Powerblock
      Sears 1960's Silvertone head
      Sears 1960's Silvertone cabinet
      SWR Workingmans 100 watt 1x15" combo

      Line 6 Pod XT Live
      Vox original Wah
      Dunlop ZW Wah
      MXR Kerry Kinq Equalizer
      DOD Flanger
      Boss TU-2 tuner pedal
      Boss DD-2 delay
      Electro-Harmonix vintage volume pedal

      Nady Wireless

    • KFW

      Holy shit SG, I never realized how much stuff you've collected.

      I've got a modest set-up that treats me well

      ESP Eclipse II VB
      Ibanez Rga121 in Natural Flat
      LTD EX-260

      Flextone III w/ Shortboard
      Bad Horsie Wah

    • hermz

      ESP 'Original Series' Forest-GT (see-thru red)
      ESP MX 250 II (see-thru Red)
      Caparison Angelus 24 (transparent black)
      Caparison Dellinger SE (natural mahogany gloss)
      Ibanez Acoustic
      Squier STRAT

      ENGL Powerball 100w head
      Peavey 6505 120w head
      Framus Dragon 4x12" cabinet

      TC Electronic G-Major
      Rocktron MIDIMate foot controller
      MXR Custom Shop GT OD
      MXR ZW-44 Overdrive
      Jim Dunlop 'Crybaby from Hell' Wah
      ISP Decimator pedal
      MXR 10-band EQ

    • PerfectForm

      I brought a kh-203 a few years back just so i could try out a floyd rose. Anyway i found i didnt like it so i put the guitar away and havent touched it since. However, i decided to pull it back out and have a bash on it.

      I was changed the strings and was tuning in the A string, when it popped out. The little block that locks it in place ( sorry im not very good with the names) popped out and now it wont stay in place when i go to tune it. Is it repairable and if so, is it a easy task?

      Cheers :)

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    • Mark K.

      ESP LTD KH-202
      Manuel Serrang 6 string nylon acoustic
      Burswood 6 string miniature acoustic

      Line6 HD147 + 4x12 angled line 6 cab (the good one, not the spider)
      Line6 Spider II 112
      Muscle 10 Watt amp

      Behringer 7 band EQ
      Line6 FBV2

    • marcy_marc2008


      ESP ltd m100fm
      ESP ltd h1000 (black)
      PRS santana not sure which model
      epiphone explorer (ebony)
      some old acoustic
      some old crappy strat

      peavey 6505
      crate gt1200h
      marshall 1960av cab
      crate gt412 cab
      marshall mg412 cab

      phonic plcpro power conditioner
      korg dtr1000 tuner
      senheiser wireless
      boss ns2 suppresor
      rocktron hush super c
      behringer parametric EQ
      ibinez graphic
      pod xt live
      korg toneworx
      alesis midiverb

      oh yeah and the trusty old piece of shit AKA boss metal zone

    • Microdomus


      1. Gibson Explorer 76`reissue -black
      2. ESP EXP - black
      3. ESP MX250 - black
      4. Gibson Les Paul Custom - black
      5. Ken Lawrence explorer - trans. black w/quilt


      6. Musicman Fretless SUB - white
      7. Musicman Bongo 5H Stealth - black


      Fotex studiomonitors and subwoofer,
      Behringer mixer,Roland VG -88 Guitar system.

    • tee5150ii

      -Squier Strat Re-Paint Project
      -BC Rich Warlock Re-Paint Project
      -Schecter Tempest Hellraiser
      -ESP LTD MH400NT
      -ESP LTD EX400
      -ESP Custom EX
      -MIM Fender Tele currently waiting to be repainted

      -'79 Marshall MK2 Master Lead
      -Marshall TSL 60 Head
      -Peavey 5150II Head
      -Two Avatar 2x12's (2v30's and 2t75's) Red Tolex/Black Cloth
      -Marshall 1960A 4x12 with v30/t75 X-pattern

      -POD 2.0 and POD X3 for room playing/recording
      -Boss GE-7
      -BBE Sonic Stomp
      -ISP Decimator
      -Boss NS-2
      -few others that don't get used often

    • Dark Alone


      -Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany
      -ESP LTD V-200
      -ESP LTD Viper-407
      -BC Rich Warlock NJ Series
      -Ibanez RG
      -Dean acoustic


      -Mesa TriAxis
      -Mesa 2:90
      -Mesa 4x12


      -TC Electronic G-Major
      -Boss TU-2
      -Boss NS-2
      -Morley Bad Horsie Wah
      -ART X-11 MIDI foot controller

    • Gravy Tank

      LTD M-100FM with EMGs (Its not much, but it's served me well and actually plays pretty nice)

      Peavey 5150

      ISP Decimator

    • OutlawTorn

      ESP/LTD EX-50 stock =(
      ESP/LTD Viper-100 (2002) "custom"
      Epiphone Les Paul
      Yamaha Strat
      shitty Acoustic

      Roland Cube 30
      Marshall MG10

      Boss FS-6+ stereo patch cable
      PRE-PEAVEY Damage Control Demonizer
      Fender Tuner
      Digitech Stereo Chrous

    • ZephMan

      Fender Nashville Telecaster
      Hamer Slammer
      RMS G80
      Laney HardCore Max20
      DOD chorus
      Vox V87 Wah
      Morley Little Alligator Volume pedal
      Boss SD-1 overdrive
      Nobels Chanel switcher

    • Justinschut

      ESP the Junior
      ESP LTD EX400BD
      ESP LTD H301
      ESP LTD Random Star
      RAN Invader Custom
      Ibanez Destroyer
      Ibanez S540 Custom Made
      Ibanez RG550
      Schecter A5X Celloblaster (5 string guitar)
      Johnson Catalyst JS-330
      Jackson Rhoads
      BC Rich Warrior
      Squier Telecaster
      Justin Custom

      Kay Acoustic
      blue Acoustic

      ESP LTD B255 bassguitar
      Taifun 70s bassguitar

      ENGL Fireball head
      Peavey 5150 combo
      Line 6 Spider II combo

      Line 6 Ubermetal
      Boss Metalzone
      Danelectro Chorus
      Boss Octave
      some Flanger
      some Phaser
      Danelectro Free Speech (talk box)

      I never use any effect pedals tho :p

    • Robotsatemygrandma


      LTD MH-300 (See Thru Red)
      LTD MH-100 (See Thru Green)
      Epiphone Les Paul Jr
      Epiphone Acoustic


      ENGL Thunder 50 Head
      Peavey Rage 158
      Crate GS412S Slanted Small Box


      Apex Aurel Exciter Type C with BIG BOTTOM
      Behringer 7band EQ Pedal
      Audio Technica Wireless

    • fickle19

      2 fender hrr strats
      American fender floyd rose strat
      Cort matt guitar murphy
      Ibanez RG3 EX1
      Edwards Alexi sawtooth
      ESP SV standard(white)

      Amp - Marshall JVM with bogner large 2x12 cab (vintage 30s).

    • zerosk8r900

      LTD EX-400
      Fender Deluxe Player's Strat

      Vox AD50VT
      Marshall MF350 Head
      Mesa 4x12 Rectifier Cab

    • chevy Z 302

      Right now
      Squier fat strat (emg 81//s) first guitar
      ESP KH2NT

      Engl Powerball V1 (for sale)

      Mesa Trad recto cab

      Evidence audio Lyric HG cable

      Furman pm8dm
      DTR-1000 (for sale)
      ISP pro rack g
      isp pedal
      danelectro danecho
      marshall shredmaster (for sale)
      Vox v847
      eb volume
      ground control pro

      i think thats about it

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    • Metaldude30


      Schecter C-1 Blackjack w/Duncans
      Silvertone Fastback(wolfgang/musicman look alike)


      Roland Microcube


      Dano fish n' chips 7band GEQ
      Digitech Bad Monkey
      Line6 PODXT W/All Model Packs
      Behringer V-Amp2

    • metalmatthew

      i play 6505 and peavey vypyr. whats stephen carpenter amp settings. i just love his tone

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    • CrugerD

      LTD Ex-400

      Engl Fireball
      Framus CS 212

      nice and simple.

    • The Edge Of Darkness

      LTD Mh-100
      Shitty acoustic SX

      Peavey rage 258 25W

      Boss MT2

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