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OK, need some help. I have been through 9-10 distortion pedals and have not found one that I liked (at least for the long run). Need some recomendations ASAP! Thanks, Matt

If you've been through that many, you'll never find one you like. Get a high gain tube amp.


I know! Had a JCM 800 with a 1960 cab and a ton of other nice shit. Had to sell most of it due to a F-Up divorce. The only amp I have right now is a 06 Marshall AVT20X. I took the stock speaker out and replaced it with a Eminence RC. Just looking for something I can put up with during the winter months. Hopefully my Tax return will pay for another nice amp!


hi, how Esp build guitars equipped with EMGs pick ups nowadays?
i mean are they solderless or standard old way soldered?

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Oh I see. Have you ever heard of damage control pedals? They are like normal distortion pedals but with 2 tubes. Check out.


Heres the plan: Sell amp and all dist pedals Get Peavey Valve King 112 combo and a Boss SD-1 or a Ibanez TS9 to boost the front end and a Boss GE-7 for the loop and you have a tone machine you can be happy with for now.

Id probably replace the speaker in the VK to the Emenance you have in the AVT as long as you have the stock one to replace in the AVT.


The Damage Control Solid Metal Pedal. It has 2 tubes in it and sounds awesome. I got mine 2 weeks ago and it is the best distortion pedal ever. It has 2 modes of distortion on it regular and nuclear. Check it out you cant go wrong with tube distortion.


I'm a fan of the Line6 Über Metal. It's not that expensive and it sounds great. It also has a builr-in noise gate, and it works wonders. But IMHO you get the best dist/gain from amps


ive got a PRE-Peavey Damage Control Demonizer...i also went through a bunch of distortion pedals and this one is really damn good because it is a class A tube Pre-Amp distortion not just an effect....but i might be getting rid of it and upgrading to a marshall JVM or a Mesa Mark IV



I just read a review on the Peavey Valve King 112 combo. All tube for like $325.00? I will have to find one and try it out.

A buddy of mine came over with a bunch of pedals (I have used them all at one time or the other). Jammed for a couple hours and during this I plug into a $14.00 Danelectro FAB Metal pedal and it was better than any of the other shit. Granted I had a few cold ones but I wasn't that F'd up.

Anyone messed around with the Orange Tiny Terror? My 2 year long divorce has come to a close, so starting to re build (After I pay off all my debt/lawyer fees)!


The Peavey VK comes aproved on this board.

I have tried them many times in shops and think i may be getting the Royal 8 soon to treat myself as ive been all work and no play recently, but may just get a JSX: Mini Colossal as it looks better for the money.

Id also look in the way of a Pod XT/XT Live/X3/X3 Live with a decent poweramp and a cheap 1X12 cab as well, if you can afford going that way.

But the best valve amp for any buck is a VK 112 with a SD-1 in the front end and a GE-7 in the loop. That way you have a great rig for really cheap.

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