• therapist

    Mark IV amp

    I was thinking about getting the Mark IV 1x12 amp and had a couple questions about it. I have heard great things about the Mark IV but since I am not currently in a band I dont really need a half stack which is why I was thinking of getting the Mark IV 1x12 instead. I jam with friends only a couple times a month (drums, bass). I was wondering if this would be loud enough since it is a 1x12? I've seen this amp paired with another 1x12 cab which I'm sure would be plenty loud enough. I was also wondering if I did happen to actually start playing in a band could this power a half stack instead of just another 1x12?

    • TREVA

      combos kill our body.
      Very terrible to carry around.
      Better head + any cab you want,even 1X12
      Mark IV is the best amp ever.
      Enjoy it !

    • TREVA

      wheels don't help to put it on a car , upstairs,dowstairs etc
      combos love scratching cars painting ! :lol
      Dowstairs with a combo you have 90% chances you will roll over the floor :rollin

    • esp_gaijin

      get head and cab not combo,

      i didn't like the "small box" sound from the combo which is the only markiv i've played,
      i can tell from what i heard that the amp itself is awesome;
      i've had this same small box sound issue from many amps with too small of a housing for a 1x12 speaker, the peavey classic30 is an example which is why i chose the peavey delta210 which has a bigger housing, but is the same amp as the classic30 (with one added feature of tremolo ),
      and another example was a marshall jubilee 1x12 i owned, as soon as i plugged that amp to a 2x12 or 4x12 i had so much better sound.

      smallboxes suck imo, jmo.

    • TREVA

      no my friend,you buy a head and a 1X12 cab,much better than a combo.
      It's easier carrying a head separated from the speaker.
      Is it so hard to understand ?!
      You take your head and put it in your car then you take your 1X12 cab and put it there too.
      Combos love cars paintings and stairs are a nightmare !!!

      • kgry

        It's twice the work carrying both a head, then a cab then carrying just 1 combo.

      • MikeAmottV2006

        hmmmmm my old 65watt 1x12 combo was lighter than any of the 3 heads I have had (peavey supreme 160watt, peavey transtube 100watt, and 5150II 120watt). I can't see how the head/cab combo would be easier to lug around either. Physics is physics man. If it is lighter..........IT'S LIGHTER. Also, I ALWAYS hit the door jams of my car when I put my amp head in the car. Never once did I do that with my combo amp. If the combo will hold up to some jam sessions and is easier for you to transport....I say get the combo.

    • SGCustom

      "hmmmmm my old 65watt 1x12 combo was lighter than any of the 3 heads I have had "

      Solid-State Im guessing?
      There's your reason why.

    • TREVA

      head is smaller than a combo.
      1x12 is smaller than a combo.
      Why the hell are you argueing to me,I gave my advice to the original poster.
      You don't have to agree with me,I didn't asked you to !!!
      You prefer combos,ok,I don't.

    • TREVA


    • TREVA

      see we both were wrong :rollin