• capoeiraesp

    What tubes you use in 5150mk1&2?

    Just curious about what tubes you've used in 5150's and what they've done for you sound.
    I've got sovtek 6l6s and electro harmonix in the preamp

    • MikeAmottV2006

      My MKII came stock with Ruby 6L6s and Sovtek 12AX7s. It was OK sounding, but could very easily get flabby on the low end. About a year after I got it I sent it in and had it converted for a set of Groove Tubes EL34s. A BAZZILION TIMES BETTER!!!!!! Next step was to save more money and I put Groove Tubes ECC83's in the preamp. This warmed up the sound alot and they had lower gain so it also got rid of a bunch of noise and hiss. I played it this way for a long time. Eventually the sound started thinning out when cranked so I bought a set of Electro Harmonix EL34s and they sounded even better than the Grove Tubes at less than half the cost. Next change was when I found out about Tungsol preamp tubes and stuck one in the first gain stage. In that final combo it was the baddest sounding amp in my knit group of musicians. I just sold it and the guy called me after he got it and jammed it a bit. You'da thought I just GAVE him Eddie's original Plexi.

    • capoeiraesp

      EL34s ay? Can't remember which website, it was a mods site maybe PLE or something like that recommended against EL34's in 5150's. I think i'll stick to 6l6s though. I'm interested in the tungsols, never really heard much feedback about them

      • MikeAmottV2006

        FJA does EL34's in 5150s all the time. I had my 5150II for about 7 years and 6 of that was with EL34's. That amp should have come with EL34's factory as far as I am concerned. I think they sound much better. But if you are going to stick with the 6L6 family I would probably suggest something with a smaller bottle to tighten up the low end. One amp tech recomended I use 5881's as it's an easier switch, all you have to do is get the bias correct. With EL34's yu have to rewire some pins on the tube sockets as well.


      get jj tubes.

    • ZephMan

      Electro harmonix and Sovtek.

    • markymarc1979

      I have JJ's in the power section and and an NOS RFT and mix of C9's and EH's in the pre.