• MikeC

    Gear Suggestions

    This may sound odd, but I was wondering if anyone could point me towards any certain gear. I know what tone I want, but I don't know how to find it. As of right now I have:

    Peavey Ultra Plus Head
    Peavey 4x12 cab with Celestions
    BBE 482
    Furman PC
    Korg DTR-2
    Zakk Wylde OD
    Boss NS-2
    Original Crybaby

    I'm looking for a powerfull rythem like Droid or 5FDP and leads that are like Alexi mixed with Cory Bealuei. One of my main concerns now is chorus. Please keep in mind that I'm tired of having a bunch of pedals, I want to add more to my rack. I just don't know what products to look for.

    If there's anymore info that you need just ask;)

    Yeah, I know this thread may be stupid, but anything will help:lol

    • TREVA

      I don't know your budget so I'll give you 2 options

      1- mesa boogie triaxis + gmajor + 2.90 + mesa 4X12

      2- mesa boogie dc-3 (400usd evilbay) + gmajor + 4X12 marshall 1960

      any midi foot controller and you'll could play whatever you want !

    • TREVA

      yeah I didn't realized that !

      fixed .

    • MikeC

      Sorry I forgot to list my budget. It really depends on what your going to point me towards. I guess say that I have about $1000. What are some things you recommend me taking a good look at?

    • chrisolson

      I'd just get a new head - you choose. It's gotta sound right to YOU - who cares what we think? If you like Peavey, stick with it. It's reliable. Rack stuff is overrated. One nice thing about pedals - if you don't like a certain effect, you replace the pedal. With a rack, you replace your whole effects unit. Meh. The TC Electronic G-Major is nice though. It wasn't the "be all end all" for me though. I had it right the first time when I bought a Boss delay & chorus. I didn't need the rest. Oh well...