• Dingbat-Walabi

    Suggestions for good practice/bedroom amps

    I think im selling one of my crappy guitars since i have an offer, so anyone have any good suggestions fr a good practice amp? im happy with my live amp but my practice one is only 15 watts, not enough power for band practices etc. where a drummer is involved. im looking for something versatile, tube amp if possible (open to solid state suggestions) good tone like a randall v2.

    • ESPimperium

      Vox Valvetronics AD30VT-XL
      Line 6 Spider 30W

      Alternitivly lookinto a good Class A with a single channel. They can really clean up your technique, one of them is my next purchace.

    • esp_gaijin

      use a hotplate + a good amp instead!!


    • BrazilianBootyLover

      Peavey Triple X super 40. 40 watt combo one 10 inch speaker. 3 channel. Can handle the brootalz like the heads.

    • TREVA

      mesa boogie dc-3 = 400 usd evilbay
      Amazing clean,awsome distortion,2 channels + eq.
      Mesa for 400 usd is almost a gift !!!

    • hermz


    • chrisolson


    • esp_gaijin

      "does the hot plate sound exactly the same? or does it fuck up the tone like ive heard?"

      fuck up the tone? emphatically no.

      exactly the same? nah I don't believe so, but i'm also capable of splitting hairs sometimes.

      what i found using a marshall powerbrake was that device seriously muddied up the tone, made individual strings within a chord less discernable, and lost a lot of the highs. i ended up not liking powerbrakes at all.

      then i tried a thd and it blew the powerbrake out of the water; i can't comprehend powerbrakes even existing on the planet, after hearing a thd.
      and have you seen what they charge for a powerbrake? today it's like $415 or some insane horseshit. it's nuts, only old doofi who think "marshall anything = god" must be who buys those, is all i can figure.

      thd's have a bass boost and a high boost, i don't find any need for the bass boost, the thd doesn't lose any bass,

      but ALL powersoaks i know of will lose some highs, and more loss the higher of attenuation you're using.
      so if i'm using half or more attenuation on a thd, i like having the high boost on, and then it sounds SO close to the original sound that imo it becomes true hair splitting to complain about it.

      MORE importantly to me is that i found a good amp + a thd simply sounds so much better to my ears than any pod and most similar devices.

      i think pods are good devices, but i would so much rather have my favorite amp (splawn ) plus a thd, than any pod.

      but if i were in a college dorm, i'd just use a pod, less $ of item to get stolen, and easier to pack up and travel with.