• Justinschut

    ENGL Firebal re-tube ?

    I recently got an ENGL Fireball, which is 2 years old and has been played every week during band rehearsal for about 1,5 years. I dont have a good cab yet, but I played it on my brothers fake Marshall cab.

    Could be the cab, but I think it sounds less lively than my friend's new Fireball. It doesnt make weird noises or anything tho :p But would you guys reccommend a re-tube or should it be ok to play and gig for some time to come ?

    If so, what would be the best tubes ? I asked some store and this is what they recommend for a Metal sound:

    1x Shuguang 12ax7 V1
    2x Shuguang 12ax7
    1x Electro Harmonix 12ax7 Balanced
    2x Electro Harmonix 6l6GC

    Price €61,40 incl. matching of the powertubes.

    Your thoughts ?