• Nick31

    Looking for a Poweramp

    I'm getting a Fractal Axe-Fx and I'll need a poweramp to go with it. I want a stereo poweramp not too loud so that I can run it pretty high, I have only one 1 stereo cab so I'll use the stereo option on that cab alone. Maybe the Mesa 20/20 could do the job but I haven't heard too much good things about it.

    • Deadpulse

      if he's got an Axe FX, I don't think price is gunna be a huge factor. I'd definitely check out the 20/20, maybe even a VHT 2/50/2

      clips when you get it dude.

    • Nick31

      I think I'll buy a JBL to go with the Axe-Fx in the end

    • esp_gaijin

      "Maybe the Mesa 20/20 could do the job but I haven't heard too much good things about it."

      where have you not heard good things about it?

      i've never heard anything but good about it.

      i got one used a while back, i love it to pieces.
      i only use it when i wanna monkey around with my preamps (digitech 2112, boss gx700, roland gp100, mesa rec pre which i've since sold ) , so i can't say i use it that much now because i play thru a splawn and stiletto atm,

      but i used to run a johnson millennium head thru it, and it was incredibly good sounding, i was in tone heaven at the time,
      i only got rid of the millennium because they discontinued the product and i didn't want to remain dependent on the thing.

      i've also heard only good things about vht power amps, however their price is INSANE imo.

    • Nick31

      I chose to go with a JBL to take advantage of cab and mic sims and a bunch of other stuff

    • Sixstringhotshot

      What the hell do you need cab/mic sims on a power amp for when you have much better cab and mic sims in your AxeFX?