• ColeJustesen

    Making a swap, possibly.....

    I have been wanting to try out a Carvin V3 or a Rocktron Vendetta (Bruce Egnator version). Would either one of these amps be worth trading my Marshall DSL100 for. I mostly play hard rock similar to that of Godsmack, Sevendust, etc. I play a little metal, but for the most part my rhythms aren't metal fast. Any input would be great ~ I have tried many different amps, but have never tried the Carvin or the Rocktron. Unfortunately I cannot try them out either. Thanks in advance!


    • MikeAmottV2006

      A buddy of mine had a V3 for about a month a while back. He said that on their own, each channel would have been great for a single channel head, but he said that he couldn't get tones from each channel that would work well together, if that makes sense. He said that the high gain channel was very mesa-like and heavy. I dunno if that helps you at all, as I never got to hear it first hand. His consensus was that the 3 channels were so different that they didn't work well together in a single amp. I pretty much take his word on tube amps as gospel as he's this biggest tone junky I know. From what I head from his bandmates, when it comes time to set-up for recording....his amp tweaking rivals rumors about Eric Johnson's amp tweaking.

    • jsp

      I can't imagine why having 3 channels that sound really different from each other would be a bad thing.:\

    • Deadpulse

      I don't know how it looks or works, but if there's a global eq that dramatically changes each channels tone, it would suck to try to get all 3 working together

    • Deadpulse

      my buddy in Rayzing Sons uses one. It sounds pretty decent, but I've heard better.

    • LordCliffton

      screw eric j.... he has OCD like a MO-FO! friggin tweaker... "oh my old 57 strat doesnt sound as good since it fell off its stand."

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