• ESPimperium

    Low Wattage Tube Amp Club Thread!!!

    Since low wattage amps are becoming big buisness now for companies; Anyone with a Low wattage amp, that is under 15-25W Class A/B or 10-15W Class A post pics of their amps in here, no hybrig Vox ADs or Marshall AVTs, just Orange Tinty Terrors, Peavey ValveKing Royal 8s or JSX: Mini Colossals, even the Mesa Express 5:25 qualifies in this thread.

    Post pics, clips, videos and reviews.

    • BrazilianBootyLover

      Don't forget the peavey mini triple X 40 watter. I think I'm gonna get that shit.

    • ESPimperium

      ^^^ Too powerful, its 40W, im talking anything upto 25W Class AB or 15W Class A for being low wattage, the 40W of that Triple XXX is out the criteria of the thread!!!

    • ESPimperium

      Is there anyone on theese boards with one of theese as i would like to hear from them about theese amps:

      Peavey: JSX: Mini Colossal, ValveKing Royal 8
      Fender: Champ 600, Pro Jnr
      Epiphone: Valve Junior (modded and stock)

    • TheDevilHimself

      I have said many times, the Laney Lionheart 5 watt 5T-112 is my pick of the amps for this year thus far.

      It's really a cool amp but out of my budget :-(

    • ESPimperium

      Ive still to see if i can get a Matamp here in Glasgow.

    • ESPimperium

      Im just wanting something that i can spend hours just modding the hell outa, thats where the Epi Valve Jnr comes into its own, for starters im gonna do this if i get one:

      Standby Switch
      Brite Switch
      Gain switch on R6
      Gain control on R5
      Tone control over C3

      That would be about it, all being if i can install a effects loop at another time.

      Maybes a couple of other mods, if the Hum has been sorted out on the combos, but the hum has been sorted on the head, i know that.

    • ESPimperium

      Im gonna check out the Marshall mods, i am looking to make it a gain laden.

      Im looking for a pre gain, post gain and a tone control with a couple of switches to control the tone structure.

    • ESPimperium

      Im kinda OK with electronics as i did Physics at school, but am looking to have something to have a project.

      Another mod im also looking at is the input impedance switch mod.

    • ESPimperium

      Im looking at it at the moment it all revolves arround putting a switch on R2, it works well with the brite switch seemingly.

    • esp_gaijin

      they always seem to have el84's and i've found i don't seem to like these tubes or not any amps i've had with them,

      they always for me suffer the same probs - muddy, farty/blatty, overdrive at such low volumes you can't get a normal livingroom-volume clean if you're using humbuckers.

      however, oddly enough the mesa 20/20 i have does not suffer any of that! it sounds to me like an el34-equipped amp.
      so it can't all be the power tubes causing the problem, i dunno.

      i swear that using a full size/watt amp that i LIKE, and mating to a thd hotplate, is simply the best thing i've ever heard, and until i hear better, this is what i'll be doing.

      just my onion. :)

    • ESPimperium

      Sadly ive been ill this weekend so i havnt been able to get out and get a VJ in one form or another or even a Pevey VK Royal 8 or just to see what a dealer can do on a JSX: Mini Colossal.

      I sence i will get a VJ sometime and mod the fuck outa it.

    • ESPimperium

      Rex, i aggree, if Epiphone did a VJ with a twin channel design, i think it would be a hell of design; 2 channels (2 x 12AX7/1 x EL84), 1 x Gain & Tone per channel, with a master volume would sell.

      Altho it may cost a wee bit, posibly the cost of a Tiny Terror, but i feel it would sell.

      I absoutly love the tone of EL84s for the record.