• The Edge Of Darkness

    Di Marzio Activtor What About Them?

    I read this article on guitar world and they said they sound like active pick ups but they are passive. on the video review they sounded ok, but I wanted to know what you guy think bout them

    • MikeAmottV2006

      I played that new Ibanez V with the DeActivator pick-ups when that guitar first came out. I played it through a Peavey JSX and a XXX. I thought they sounded fantastic. It's been a while since I played actives but they definately remind me of an 81/81 combo but with alot more life and dynamics. I don't think the diehard EMG/Livewire players would be a bit dissappointed with them.

    • The Edge Of Darkness

      I guess I should try them. people keep telling me that they are good but that I should buy two Emgs...and now I don't have the money to change the electronic part and dig a new slot for the battery in my mh

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