• therapist

    Noise Reduction Pedal

    I was wondering which pedal would be the better choice the ISP Decimator or the Boss NS-2? What are your experiences with these pedals? What are the advantages or disadvantages between the two?

    • tee5150ii

      I have and use both. I have the NS-2 as last in my signal chain and then I have the ISP as the last in my loop since my 5150ii can hiss and whine like crazy at times. The NS-2 does it's job though, it kills the feedback from the guitar. If you're running a high-gain setup, you'll probably be better off with the ISP though. I just like both running together so I know I can get rid of the guitar feedback and the preamp noise.

      But yeah, all in all both seem to fit the bill but it just depends on the rest of the gear as far as what my experience with both has taught me.

    • ColeJustesen

      ISP is a great product. It really does the trick, and I believe it is worth every penny. My buddy had an amp that made quite a bit of hiss when he played his distortion. I brought the pedal to one of his practices and set it up for him. The whole band's mouths dropped they were astonished it killed the noise and didn't affect his tone. I give it 5 out 5 stars!


    • Sixstringhotshot

      I owned both, and I sold the ISP. The Boss has separate controls for threshold and release, the ISP does not. As such, I was not able to find a setting on the ISP that allowed my notes to ring out, but cut off the noise as soon as I stopped playing. Granted, I use very low gain, but at rather high volumes. The NS-2 just felt more transparent. Not tonally...I didn't notice a tonal difference with either pedal. But the Boss operates smoothly and the ISP was kinda choppy.

    • Sixstringhotshot

      I don't have noise, just feedback at high volumes, and the NS-2 expertly shuts that up. I'm not too concerned with what it's called. It does what I want it to do. :)

    • BrazilianBootyLover

      Get the ISP Decimator! I had the boss one and it sucked asshole. It sucked up all my tone. I would turn it down then I would get feedback. So if you get the boss you either get your tone sucked up or you can have feedback which you tried to eliminate in the first place!

    • Sixstringhotshot

      My NS-2 is a little older (5 years maybe?), but I don't think they've changed them. I don't have any tone loss, how were you setting the controls and where in the signal chain was it?

    • DethWar

      Okay. Spanning accross multiple noise gate posts we have people who say the boss is true bypass and the isp is not, then we have people saying the isp is true bypass and the boss is not. Which side is correct and how can we find out for sure?

    • BrazilianBootyLover

      , how were you setting the controls and where in the signal chain was it?

      I don't remember what my settings were cause it was a while ago but I had it inf front. Amp-noise gate-guitar.

    • tmoori

      ISP hands down you wont get a better pedal noise supressor

    • ESPimperium

      If youre concerned with noise, the ISP.
      If youre concerned with Feedback, the NS-2.

      Trust SSHS on this one, the NS-2 is good at what it does, and if you just roll your volume down you can get rid of the noise.

      And if you have seen the Petrucci setup vids on the D'Add site *I THINK* the dude who is doing his rig has it up to stage volume and its not that quiet due to noise, and that is using custom and high grade units, so compaired to that the NS-2 will do for me.

    • TREVA

      Hush !