I dont really know shit bout slaving amps or how to do it, all i (think) i know is you can mix one amps pre-amp with another's power amp. Does it really make a big difference in sound doing that? and how exactly do you do it? I have a laney gh50l on its way (thanx to shane :hat) and thought it may be interesting to try and mix it with my dual recto just for fun. i tried googling it but could find sweet fuck all on the topic.

Run the preamp output (or line out or FX send) of one amp to the poweramp input (or line in or FX return) on the other. Be sure to dummy load the first one though, or you'll fry it.

All it does is let you use the preamp of one amp with the poweramp of another. I don't think your two amps differ enough to make it worth the hassle.

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