Returning member...a quick ?

Hey all, I just re-registered to this forum under the same name I used to use. I think I was probably the 2nd person here to get an ltd ninja600 right behind a guy called PeopleAgain. Anyways....I was wandering if there were any rules about posting gear for sale here? I am looking at downsizing from my 5150II and 4x12 set-up and I would like to give the guys here first dibs at it if it is allowed. If not, I will hock it on the Flea-bay. Thanks, and I'm looking foreward to spending some more time here. Rich

Post the listing and links to pictures in the SPAM thread, first thread in general discussions forum section, and you should be good to go. Or if you put them on eBay, just advertise it in the SPAM thread with a link to the auction.


In General Discussions, there's a thread called Spam Thread, basically, rules are, don't post pics, links to pics are OK, though. The first post in the thread has all the rules on it.


Alright, cool. I skimmed through the rules but I didn't see any rules on selling gear....I guess I skipped over it. Thanks!

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Yo Daddy

Hey MikeAmott dude! It's me, People Again. Well, under a different name of course. You still have your Amott?

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