Engl e-530 vs ADA mp1

So what do you guys think would be a better set up here, an ADA MP-1 with a VHT 2/50/2 or an ENGL e-530 with a peavey 50/50? or i could save up for longer and get an ENGL with the VHT, but i really dont know which ones sound better. i am a total noob on this rack stuff and what im saying might make no sense at all but listening to clips lately i REALLY like the sound of preamps + power amps more than heads. i will ignore bullshit, i just need help cuz im a rack noob.

no man i haven't played either of them, i just wanted to see your guys's opinions on them. and the tone im looking for would be kind of Black Dahlia murder during Unhallowed. i want a good amount of gain but for the notes to be clear and not muddy.




i say get rid of the ada mp1.

and sell it to me!


what strings come stock on it?

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tone on the new album is AWESOME!

I had an ADA MP-1 going through a Mesa 50/50. At first I thought it was pretty meh cause from what I read, everyone hyped it up as a staple of metal preamps. Then I did the 3.666 mod and it sounded way better. But it was still lacking something that I just couldn't put my finger on. I think my main beef with it was that between the settings, the jumps were huge. Like, the presence would be not enough or too much, no in between setting. But Monty as a 3TM which I hear are killer so PM him.


what is the big difference between a m 200 and a mh 250. and why is a mh 250 and a mh 400. I have just about the money for a mh 250 and am wondering if i would want a m 200 instead, or save a little more (like 6 months i dont make much money) for a mh 400

also if people could post pics of the guitars in question, that would me metal

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Well i just found a 5150 block letter for $450 so if i can get that before anyone else i think i might give up on the whole preamp poweramp thing. thanks for the replys though guys it'll really help me out in the future because im still wanting to build myself a rack.


you'll probably get a sound you like out of it because it seems like most people say they do.

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