Will I blow or rock it?

I just bought the new line6 Spider III 150 combo and was wondering if I could connect extra external peddles to it. I really like the spider except that I think the distortion channels are limited and that most of those presets sound the same. I own a Boss GT6 peddle board and was thinking to connect it to my spider to ad some extra distortion to it. Would this blow or overload my spiders circuit board or would it rock the daylights out of it? If not, can I at least connect a extennal EQ to colour those distortions?

i don't see a reason why it should blow with just a GT-6 connected to it.


come on guyz please post some pics of your MX !!! :hat:hat:hat and a little review about it, your personal experience, the way you got it (ebay, store etc) and so on. and please tell me about the import taxes :cool::cool::cool:

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You can run it just fine. The GT6 is just technically a preamp so it will not harm your amp in any way shape or form.

I suggest you just spend some more time finding a tone in the Spider that you like. First of all if you aren't getting enough distortion out of a Spider III, then your tone fucking blows because those amps have waaaay more gain than they even need.


The problem is not the level of distortion but that the colour or tone of the distortion models aren`t really my style. I agree with you KFW, the spiders got more than enough distortion.

I bought it for band practice and was just dissapointed that I could not find that crisp sound I get from my half-stack.

I play a Eclipse with a pair of emg81`s and Ernieball hybrid slinky strings, so I hope that tells you that my tone isn`t supposed to suck.


should be fine if you can pull it off.



I just soldered in a permanent 18V mod into my MH400. While I was working I noticed two red leads coming from the pickups (obviously), but only one black lead. The black lead was not even stripped let alone soldered ... is this normal or an error on the part of the manufacturer? I checked some wiring diagrams but they did not explicitly show the wire. The guitar still sounds great, but I figured maybe the wire should be tied to ground.

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Richie C

After reading through some posts about people having problems "dialing in" a Dual Rectifier, I was curious if anyone has any settings they'd care to share with me because I'm constantly trying to tweak with mine.

I've also caught some posts saying that an overdrive pedal does a good job of cleaning up the signal and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a specific line.


I knew this sounds wired, but I actually boost my 3 channel dual recto with a Ubermetal by Line6 since I can't afford a Keeley Mt-2 at the time.

I only play Cannibal Corpse stuff on that amp, the tone is just dead on. Plus the adjustable middle frequency is super handy so does its build-in noise gate. All my mate think my recto kicked the shit out of my IIC+. haha

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I run a Maxon OD9 with my 5150 and set the lead channel gain on 4 and the pedal as follows, Level 10 o' clock, gain 10 o' clock, tone 9 o' clock and it sounds sweet. Just takes away that low end thump that makes it muddy sounding, and gives it more mids.

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