Replacing amp

I'm trying to replace my Vox AD50VT with the Line 6 Flextone III XL or a Peavey ValveKing 212 Combo and I want some feedback about these 2 combos. If there are any other combos that someone could recommend me that give off 150 watts or more and are in the price range of the other two, that would be good also.
El Jefe

what about the ad100vt-xl? kinda between the line 6 and peavy, but the best way to decide is to go a play em all.


Flextone 3 is a good choice. Its loud, and with time you can dial some great tone out of it. I dont like the valveking, I think the b52 At-100 combo is better. But if you can find one, the ampeg vh140c 2-12 combo is my favorite. You might have to keep searching ebay or pawnshops for that one.:hat


Are B-52's relialbe? I've never really looked into them, but they seem like they have some decent all tube amps. What about their ST-100A head or their AT-100 head or their AT-212 combo? Are their cabinets good or whould i need to get a cab from a different company?


I played the Flextone III XL and the AT-100 they're both good, but I like the tube sound/tone more. Is there any $600-800 tube combo's that are really good?


Rule number 1 when buying an amp, if you haven't played it, don't buy it.

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