Looking for delay pedal suggestions

Looking for delay pedal suggestions
I'm wanting a delay but I only want to spend about $100. Right now the Boss DD-3 and the Line 6 Echo Park are the front runners. But I'm open to suggestions and recommendations.

Does it have a hold feature?


I'm really looking for opinions on what everybody's using or can recommend me at the $100 price range. My LMS doesn't stock that many delay pedals so sitting down and trying out a bunch isn't feasible and I will not drive 1 hour to get to the closest GC so I can attempt to try out pedals in the middle of everybody's riffapalooza at 10 on every amp in the place.


I have a TC Electronic Vintage Delay which is good. I would recommend the Blackbox delay pedal, which really is an amazing delay pedal, has features such as modulation and a built-in loop for adding effects to delays and stuff.

But if you want cheap and simple, Boss.


does anybody know if these guitars (260 and/or 400) are balanced correctly? i know the EX isnt, but these are newer models so i didnt know if possibly they are balanced. if they arnt, is there a way i can fix it? i would love to have one of these guitars.


is there a way i can fix it?

yes, move the strap button

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I play an sg and its really neck heavy but i mean you get used to it pretty easy. sure it sucks you have to always be holding it but i've grown to like it.


I played my bro in laws fx-400 the other day and it balances fine with a strap


A leather strap will help. But I found that axe(EX-400BD) to be unbareable nonthless. A change in placement of the strap button would be the solution IMO


My FX400 is a tad neck heavy. It really isn't that uncomfortable to me. I have some guitars that are worse. The solutions have already been covered.

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You didn't say exactly, what delay sound you are after, more digital or more analog vintage.

If you are looking for the more analog delay sound, the Artec Delay is a good pedal to look into.

The Boss DD-6 is a very good digital delay IMO, but it costs a lot more.

The Digitech X-Delay is quite good for its price, I enjoy mine a lot, especially the slapback echo and the tape delay setting. It's kinda a jack-of-all-trades; other pedals do it better but are more expensive.

The Marshall Echohead is rather new, it might be over your price range but it has some cool features I like (like being able to choose between true bypass and spillover/buffered bypass).

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