Post your set up here!

Post your set up here!

Think I'd jump up on the oppertunity and start this. Its nice to see what other's spend thier money on. Post pictures of your set here and share any secrets you may have. 

Mine is a Keeley mod Boos SD-1. I am going to wait till tuesday of this week to post my pictures. waiting on a sepcial delivery. :D



LTD EC500 (olympic white)

LTD EC1000 (red)

Epiphone 1984 ex (white)

Fender Jim Root Tele

Home made KH Mummy replica


Mesa road king 2 on randall 4x12 cab (v30's and g12t75's)


Kirk hammett crybaby

Digitech whammy 5

Mxr super badass distortion

Korg pitchblack tuner

Digitech turbo flange

Joyo roll boost

Isp decimator

Digitech digital delay


Rig Run Down.
Fender Guitar ,50's Road Worn Series Stratocaster,hotrodded with Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge,Dimarzio PAF 36 in the neck,500K pots.3 way switch (Dave Murray of Iron Maiden specs)
Sennheiser XSW72 Instrument wireless system.
Morley Pedals Pro Series Wah.
TC Electronic Polytune2,Corona Chorus,Mini Flashback Delay,True Bypass pedals(very happy with these pedals).
Krank Amplification Rev Series1 100 watt tube amp.
Marshall Amplification JCM900 Lead 4x12 loaded with GT75's Celestion Speakers


Here is a couple of videos from my youtube channel  

My Pedal train assembly with some idea of what pedals i am using. 
my LTD ec-1000 VB with HeavyAir Kraken Pickups (hand made to order in the UK) 

Dale T.

I finally started my own LTD collection a year ago.

LTD Viper 400 Olympic White, LTD VB-400 Satin Black (worn), LTD EC-330 STAQ

Raven 200w 2x12 with a Mesa 4x12 (until I find a Peavey XXL combo)

Vox Stomplab IIG


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