• Andrei M.

      My set up includes, Jackson SL2H, ESP Eclipse II, ESP LTD RL600 and an Ibanez AC240

      few pedals that I barely use, and Mesa Boogie Mini rec and Marshall JVM1H with couple of mesa cabs

    • Samer

      Dang! such awesome pics :D 
      My set up is in three different places at the moment :) but I am hoping to get a pic sorted by weekend. 

      some awesome collections though as well :D 

    • Gisornator

      My "small" rig :-)

    • sitnonair

      Here's my 2014 Gtr rig minus my Mesa 4x12 cab and a few more effects pedals. Sorry pics are too big to post so a link will have to do.... Check it out! Later!!!


    • Vedran P.




      Here's my stuff.., Warwick FNA and Warwick Streamer CV, Warwick LWA1000 and Warwick cab 2x8".

      In my pedalboard I have Sansamp GT2, EBS MultiDrive, TC Polytune and a clone pedal of ISP Decimator G-String..,


    • Samer

      right, so here is my set up effects wise. pretty simple and straight forward. I had to downsize for the new band as I used to play in an alternative rock band and needed lots of effects. 
      Signal chain is not as straight forward. TC poly tune>MXR Dyna Comp>Keeley Mod Boos SD-1> MXR Phase 90>MXR Carbon Copy> Morley Wah>TC Boost> EVH 5150III 50 watt. 

      Wah at the end sounds really nice btw. 

      I've also put up a photo of a guitar am resotring, modding. Its a Gordon Smith Graduate and its 33 years old. had some really bad pickups. I am installing warman pickups in it whick should arrive monday. I do have a youtube channel if you want to listen to how awesomely awesome these pups are. 

      My main guitar is a EC-1000 Vin which I moded by putting Passive Warman pickups (destroyer and Zebra) 500k volume pot, 250K tone pot and a kill switch. Rotosound are my string of choice. 

    • nasticanasta

      Wahs before Modulators!! TSK TSK TSK!

    • barryswanson

      Here is mine. I have other guitars and amps but I couldn't be bothered getting them out. Running these two amps in stereo is the most orgasmic tone I've ever hear 



    • rcerex

      -Boogie BF Dual Recto

      -Friedman BE100

      -Gibson LP Goldtop

      -PRS Special 22

      -ESP Horizon Proto

      -ESP Horizon Dlxe



    • vipprimo

      I wish I could go over everything I've ever used, but that would be quite an ugly list.  In '95/'96 I had a lot of equipment stolen by people who called themselves friends and although it was recovered they vindictively damaged it all and thought I would never get back into guitar.  Well, I must've lied because I did.  

      I currently have a solid state Marshall half cab (can't remember the number).  For my ESP stuff, I have an LTD EC10 I believe it was and an LTD Static 600 EX.  I have about 5 or 6 pedals that round out the ensemble for now.

      I plan to get serious with it later since I already have software on the computer for it.

    • The G.

      Used to run a rack setup;

      Peavey Rockmaster preamp

      DOD-R831 31 band eq

      A.R.T. SGE Mach II effects unit

      A.R.T. 401 Series power conditioner.

      Tubeworks MosValve MV962 power amp

      Celestion GT-125 2x12 cab

      Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal


      ESP M-II Deluxe

      Fender HM Strat

      Epiphone 59 Korina explorer

      Lotus frankenstrat

      Charvel 275 Deluxe

      Dillion RG7 copy

      Westone something

      Sold off the rack, minus the 2x12 and Rockmaster, which I modded. Don't play out anymore, but I use a Line6 Toneport UX2 with Pod Farm whenever the need to play comes up. I'll try to post pics later with a PC.

      The last pic of the rack before the sell off.

      The Celestion 2x12

      I'll get a guitar family photo once they are all under one roof again.

    • exhibit-sbt

      Getting ready to do some recording this weekend.  Drums, bass and vocals have been tracked for our first EP.  Now I just gotta get to work.   This is pretty much everything except for another solid black Mesa cab which stays at the jam space.  I mostly use the rack rig and leave the tremoverb at home though.






    • Pushead

      You recorded vocals before the guitars?

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    • Klas H.

      Here's my contribution! My small practicearea squezzed into the basement :)

    • longfxukxnhair

      DAMN! Some great gear.


      I have too many guitars to list. I run 4 amps thru a Voodoo Lab amp selector. Mesa RoadKing/Marshall 6100/ Bogner Uber/Engl SE670. 2 heads have run one cab and 2 amps push 2 cabs.

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