Post your set up here!

Post your set up here!

Think I'd jump up on the oppertunity and start this. Its nice to see what other's spend thier money on. Post pictures of your set here and share any secrets you may have. 

Mine is a Keeley mod Boos SD-1. I am going to wait till tuesday of this week to post my pictures. waiting on a sepcial delivery. :D

Andrei M.

My set up includes, Jackson SL2H, ESP Eclipse II, ESP LTD RL600 and an Ibanez AC240

few pedals that I barely use, and Mesa Boogie Mini rec and Marshall JVM1H with couple of mesa cabs

Andrei M.


Dang! such awesome pics :D 
My set up is in three different places at the moment :) but I am hoping to get a pic sorted by weekend. 

some awesome collections though as well :D 


My "small" rig :-)


Here's my 2014 Gtr rig minus my Mesa 4x12 cab and a few more effects pedals. Sorry pics are too big to post so a link will have to do.... Check it out! Later!!!

Vedran P.




Here's my stuff.., Warwick FNA and Warwick Streamer CV, Warwick LWA1000 and Warwick cab 2x8".

In my pedalboard I have Sansamp GT2, EBS MultiDrive, TC Polytune and a clone pedal of ISP Decimator G-String..,



right, so here is my set up effects wise. pretty simple and straight forward. I had to downsize for the new band as I used to play in an alternative rock band and needed lots of effects. 
Signal chain is not as straight forward. TC poly tune>MXR Dyna Comp>Keeley Mod Boos SD-1> MXR Phase 90>MXR Carbon Copy> Morley Wah>TC Boost> EVH 5150III 50 watt. 

Wah at the end sounds really nice btw. 

I've also put up a photo of a guitar am resotring, modding. Its a Gordon Smith Graduate and its 33 years old. had some really bad pickups. I am installing warman pickups in it whick should arrive monday. I do have a youtube channel if you want to listen to how awesomely awesome these pups are. 

My main guitar is a EC-1000 Vin which I moded by putting Passive Warman pickups (destroyer and Zebra) 500k volume pot, 250K tone pot and a kill switch. Rotosound are my string of choice. 


Wahs before Modulators!! TSK TSK TSK!


Here is mine. I have other guitars and amps but I couldn't be bothered getting them out. Running these two amps in stereo is the most orgasmic tone I've ever hear 




-Boogie BF Dual Recto

-Friedman BE100

-Gibson LP Goldtop

-PRS Special 22

-ESP Horizon Proto

-ESP Horizon Dlxe




I wish I could go over everything I've ever used, but that would be quite an ugly list.  In '95/'96 I had a lot of equipment stolen by people who called themselves friends and although it was recovered they vindictively damaged it all and thought I would never get back into guitar.  Well, I must've lied because I did.  

I currently have a solid state Marshall half cab (can't remember the number).  For my ESP stuff, I have an LTD EC10 I believe it was and an LTD Static 600 EX.  I have about 5 or 6 pedals that round out the ensemble for now.

I plan to get serious with it later since I already have software on the computer for it.

The G.

Used to run a rack setup;

Peavey Rockmaster preamp

DOD-R831 31 band eq

A.R.T. SGE Mach II effects unit

A.R.T. 401 Series power conditioner.

Tubeworks MosValve MV962 power amp

Celestion GT-125 2x12 cab

Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal


ESP M-II Deluxe

Fender HM Strat

Epiphone 59 Korina explorer

Lotus frankenstrat

Charvel 275 Deluxe

Dillion RG7 copy

Westone something

Sold off the rack, minus the 2x12 and Rockmaster, which I modded. Don't play out anymore, but I use a Line6 Toneport UX2 with Pod Farm whenever the need to play comes up. I'll try to post pics later with a PC.

The last pic of the rack before the sell off.

The Celestion 2x12

I'll get a guitar family photo once they are all under one roof again.


Getting ready to do some recording this weekend.  Drums, bass and vocals have been tracked for our first EP.  Now I just gotta get to work.   This is pretty much everything except for another solid black Mesa cab which stays at the jam space.  I mostly use the rack rig and leave the tremoverb at home though.







You recorded vocals before the guitars?

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Klas H.

Here's my contribution! My small practicearea squezzed into the basement :)




DAMN! Some great gear.


I have too many guitars to list. I run 4 amps thru a Voodoo Lab amp selector. Mesa RoadKing/Marshall 6100/ Bogner Uber/Engl SE670. 2 heads have run one cab and 2 amps push 2 cabs.

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