Post your set up here!

Post your set up here!

Think I'd jump up on the oppertunity and start this. Its nice to see what other's spend thier money on. Post pictures of your set here and share any secrets you may have. 

Mine is a Keeley mod Boos SD-1. I am going to wait till tuesday of this week to post my pictures. waiting on a sepcial delivery. :D


live gear: blackface triple recto for crunch and the roland jc-120h for cleans

rehearsal gear: marshall jvm410c and  my 2nd jc120h.

no secret weapons, just guitar & amp for pure tone.


here's a recent shot from the rehearsal space:


Killer setup man. That's funny because I've been telling myself to get a Roland JC-120 for my clean tone. For my crunch I have a Mesa Triple Rec also.

Adrian Arreola

This is my rig:




In my profile..


Engl Powerball2 with all JJ

Crate 4x12

Death Magnetic

get yourself mesa or marshall cab and join the big leagues. hell your still playin high school ball with that crate. do the powerball some justice!

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David G.

Current touring rig is a 5150mk2 with mode four cab..


secret sauce is the MXR 10 Band EQ


ESP Horizon FR VRD -> AKG WMS 40 -> (Behringer US 600 ->) Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Head -> Marshall 1936 2x12" -> Sennheiser E906 Mic


Esp KH 2


Ltd KH 602

Marshall JVM 205H , H&K 412 cab with V30 

Randall R50H , Trace Eliot 412 cab 


Can't put pic 'cause mods won't let me :D  






Daron S.

Joseph J.



- LTD B-416SM

- LTD D-6

- Dean Edge 6 Fretless


- Hartke HyDrive 410 cabinet

- Hartke HyDrive 115 cabinet

- Hartke LH500 amp head


- Zoom B3

Sadly the forum won't let me post pics...


dang! everyone's setup is just so mouth-watering... 
here's mine.

furman power conditioner
line 6 g90 wireless
korg tuner
alesis 3630 compressor
line 6 pod pro
behringer 31-band stereo graphic eq
rocktron hush-exciter combi unit (rx20)
eventide h3000se
zoom 1204 studio multi-fx

i've since changed the pod pro to a pod HD pro and replaced the zoom 1204 studio with a tc electronics m-one xl. no power amp just yet, hoping to get a mesa 50/50. currently using a bugera 333 to drive a line 6 full stack loaded with celestion v30s.


Guitars: ESP EC-1000 MGO, Schecter Blackjack SLS Solo-6, Schecter Hellraiser Special Solo-6, Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Fender Highway One Stratocaster w/Fralin pickups, Ibanez AX320 HBP w/ Gibson Burstbucker Pro Pickups

Pedals: Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah, Wampler Ego Compressor, Fulltone OCD, Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker, Electro Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress, Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe, Line 6 M-5 Stompbox modeler (used for delay and tremolo), Boss FRV-1  Fender Reverb

Amp: Fender '57 Reissue Twin


I'm liking what I see here, guys! However, it's bad for my wallet and my relationship - this thread makes me want to buy more stuff!

Here's my contribution! 


ESP Viper - custom paint "Ice blue pearl"
ESP Viper - custom paint "Sunset orange pearl"
ESP Viper Baritone
ESP Viper 7 (not in picture)
ESP LTD Viper Baritone 400
ESP LTD Viper 407
Edwards Les Paul Custom 100 LTC
Ibanez Iceman STM1
Ibanez RG 550 with Tom Anderson pickups
Jackson Kelly
Schecter SGR C7
J&D SG (about to be turned into a toilet seat cover) 


Amp and cabinet:

Peavey 5150 MkII
Carvin Legacy 412 with Celestion V30 elements



Boss TU2
Dunlop Crybaby Kirk Hammet signature Wah
MXR Super Comp
Mesa Boogie Flux Drive
Mesa Boogie Throttle Box
Fulltone OCD 
Pigtronix Gatekeeper
JAM Pedals A/B looper
- MXR Micro Chorus
- Boutique Phase!?
- TC Electronic Flashback Delay
- TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb


Death Magnetic

not one good guitar amongst them

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Peter K.

My Gear:

Guitar: ESP VII STD Black, ESP KH2 SE Signature Limited Run, ESP M7 Custom Order, LTD M401, Fender American Customized, Gibson Chet Attkins SST Black, Jackson KV1 98' Mustaine Custom Shop Metallic Black, Dean Rust in Peace, BC Rich Kerry King Handcrafted "Red Marble" V, Epiphone LP Goth customized

My amp: Marshall JVM410H w/ Vintage 1960 cab., MXR Noise Gate, CryBaby KH95 and Line 6 POD HD500 (use for clean sound, chorus, flanger etc.). For live show only Line 6 HD500, very easy and comfortable, in my city we have no any places with normal acoustic,  the coolest equipment will sound like bullshit everywhere)) 


Jason Constantine

ESP/LTD EC-1000 BLK Duncan 
ESP/LTD EC256 MGO (Duncan Pickups, JB & 59)
Modded Krank NineTeen80
Krank Revolution Series 1 (NAMM 2004 Prototype Hand Wired Point to Point By Tony Krank)
1971 Marshall 4x12 w/ Celestion V30s
Dunlop Crybaby Classic
Dunlop Rotovibe
MXR Phase 90
MojoHandFX DMBL Overdrive (Custom Painted)
MXR Custom Badass Modified OD
(FX Loop)
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
MXR Black Label Chorus

Not Pictured:
Peavey 5150
Krank Krankenstein (Original not the Plus, Handwired by Tony Krank)
Krank Rev Jr 50watt
Krank Krankenstein 50 Watt
74 Marshall JMP 2203
Laney 4x12 Cabinet w/ Celestion Heritage 30s
2 - 1x12 Krank Cabinets w/ Eminenece Legend V12s
Fender Strat with Duncan JB Bridge and SL52 Custom Shop Singles (neck and middle)
Fender Modern Player Tele JB Bridge, 1/4 Pound Middle, Classic Tele Neck
Epiphone 3 Pickup Black Beauty w/ Duncan JB, 59, and Jazz
Epiphone EJ-200 Acoustic

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