NAD: Mesa Boogie [Vintage Content]

NAD: Mesa Boogie [Vintage Content]


I've been looking for ages now for a vintage Mesa Fifty-Fifty poweramp in decent shape and finally came across a nice deal. Originally this was for my Mesa Studio preamp but along with the 50/50 came a Quad preamp I couldn't resist. My first Mesa was a Quad and I always regretted selling it 'cause it sounds so good damn oldschool crunshy (read Metallica ).

As some may have read on the Boogie Board, according to Mike B. from Mesa CH1 is basically the legendary Mk2c+, even closer than the Studio preamp. I can't wait to crank it again next week at the rehearsal space  I'll post a video if my cam is able to catch the sound..

Anyway, here's some gear porn:




...and of course I got me lots of tubes for even more fun n games



That's it for now, cheers!



I picked up a Mark III red Stripe and with a BBE sonic mazimizer in the effects loop I can pretty much nail the "Blackend" Metallica tone with some good agressive downpicking.

Let us know how you like your new beast.


Alright, found my old Mesa Studio preamp yesterday....let thet fun begin


Death Magnetic

thats awesome, i wish they made those today. i'm thinking hard about getting a new multi watt dual rectifier.


Boner! Although, not a fan of the EHX tubes personally...




maybe post a clip or something if you get the chance


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