• Konstantin K.

    Blackstar HT100 Stage vs. BOSS GT 100

    Hey guys,

    Maybe you can help me.

    I have to decide between a Blackstar HT100 Stage (with Blackstar HTV212) or

    the BOSS GT100 with a good PA.

    I play in a schoolband and at home and would like to record some stuff.



    • Osvaldo T.

      Hello Konstantin!  You're talking about a 100w tube amp there VS a digital modeler. Are your sure you need those watts? It may be ''too loud'' for a lot of things. Haven't you considered a lower wattage tube amp? A 30w - 50w tube amp will do just fine. Tube amps are louder than transistors amps*

      I personally have and use a Blackstar HT-40 Live. They're great amps, but 100w is too much for playing in your house and maybe even with a band.  You're supposed to get micced on the big gigs.


      I personally won't consider the Boss GT100 as an amp option. If you want it to use it for effects fine, but never as an amp.

      That's my opinion. If there's anything I can help you with, let me know!

    • Adam Crow

      you want to be heard. i'd go with the Blackstar. band music has a lot of presence. a PA is just a distributor of music waves. that being said you wont be able to cut through the band clearly. in short, blackstar will give you presence and a voice, Boss will get you a mouse sound thats screeching. 

    • Konstantin K.

      So which amp would you recommend me?
      I mainly play metal (Metallica, Trivium and some Metalcore)

      I want to spend around 1000€ for cab and head.

    • jt76

      the ht100 is a killer amp,but I would recomend a better cabinet,  the lower level blackstar cabinets will really choke that amp. I use mine with a mesa 4x12

      half back ( open top / closed bottom )  with celestion black widows.   works fine with my rivera 2x12 also.   these make the htv212 sound like you have earplugs in.

      I suggest you look around and find a good cabinet, it will make a big difference and you will thank yourself later.     Ht 100 with a decent overdrive pedal is all you



      Boss gt100 - if you move it a round a lot its whole lot of work setting up and tearing down any pa that is worth owning,   on the other hand it can be very useful to have a pa.     also You might be able to get a powered pa speaker and plug the boss directly into it but I have not tried it.    


      Personally I own a pa and a vox tonelab (similar to the gt100) and also an ht 100,  I have never ever encountered a situation where I preferred using the

      processor into the pa over the real guitar amp,  


    • Konstantin K.

      First of all, thank you.


      BUT: I just play at home just for me and maybe some recording. I also play in a schoolband where it would be positive to always have his sounds with you.

      I mean: Is it worth to have a Blackstar HT100 Halfstack standing around, just for me?

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    • ali akin

      go for Blackstar HT100 Stage and HTV212. I have Stage 60 and it is a killer amp

    • matt b.

      Go with the Blackstar. I just bought the HT Metal 100, I'd rather have the tone and headroom of the 100 over the 5, 20 etc. but thats me. If its ever too loud (doubtful) I would get an attenuator so I can still have the best of both worlds.

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