• Kurt G.

    Best Set Up

    Well I am playing guitar since 2nd year high school till now college but im am wondering what guitar effects set up is best for lead guitarist like me?

    I have no experience in setting up effects or which is best for all around playing. :| anyway could suggest? :) thank you

    • Justinschut

      How about some more info ? We don't know when you were in "2nd yeah high school" or what genre you play and if you play in a band/live or not.

      Generally tho: Listen to other guitarists and if you hear a sound you like, figure out what effects they use. Also just test a lot of effects in stores and watch effects videos on Youtube to see what you like.

    • Kurt G.

      I'm sorry for not placing my type of music 

      anyway I play Japanese music, Rock music, Heavy Metal  and other instrumental songs.. most specifically. I am all around lead guitarist like other guitarist around....   As long as I could play with leads.. technically for shredding/sweep purposes. 

    • dragonzrmetal

      There isn't really a best. It depends on what you are playing, what you already have, and what budget you have.

      Personally, I think no effects is best, I like my sound to come from my amp.
      My setup might be rubbish for you. I don't actually have an ESP (Cough, do I even belong in the room? xD) but I run an Epi LP PT Pro through a Peavey 6505 on the lead channel, and this is fine for me. Your setup really isn't that important. What exactly are you playing? And what is your budget? And whatr do you already have? What is wrong with your current set up? :P

    • Kurt G.

      I see, well I play Instrumental songs.. well I'll give a sample of what types do I play "G5 2007 "Words" (Sorry I can't post the link. It won't allow me :| Just check it out on you tube if you have time so spare) :D

      Yes I think It depends on the people using, But to be honest I am just starting to build my own setup.. My budget is none at the moment. but is there any cheaper but good in sound? I don't have ESP as well xD

    • Thomas D.


      I've allways likes to use a delay pedal egen playing leads. A good reverb works aswell. 


      Good luck mate! 

    • Kurt G.

      Thanks mate :D

    • Brandon W.

      It all depends on if you want a distorted sound or a clean one. start by answering that then experiment with different effects or find a guitarists tone you want to sound like. Even if you have the exact same equipment and set up as a guitarist you want to sound like you may not sound like them. The reason is because the style of playing could Also effect your tone. So my best recommendation is listen to other guitars find a style you like and from there create your own based off one you like or combinations of tones and styikes you like.

    • Kurt G.

      I see, well thank you for that :D really :) I'll find one 

    • Gisornator

      Uhm... Hard to tell. What kind of music do you play? And then there is the personal taste. The setup I would suggest you might not fit your personal preferences. You have to find your own sound. And don't try to adopt a sound from someone you know. First of all you will have to spend a lot of money and in the end there is no guarantee that it will actually sound the same because "it's the hands".

    • Kurt G.

      Hmm.. I play Instrumental solo or Japanese Rock music.. well this is a sample of my type "G5 2007 "Words" " (sorry i can't post the link. It won't allow me, Anyway just check it on youtube if you have spare time) :)


      Well I don't like very crunchy sound or heavy :)


      Thank you for your suggestion :D

    • Death Magnetic

      my dream rig is a Marshall JVM Satriani with a TC G Force, with custom shop horizon. but that's just me.

    • Osvaldo T.

      Hello Kurt! I hope you're doing well!

      I need to know what is your current guitar and amp setup so I can provide you with a great suggestion.

      What type of music do you play or wish to play?

      Which are your favorite guitar players?

      Are you a live or bedroom player?


      Answer those questions, and I will be glad to help you!

    • Kurt G.

      Hello :)

      well My current guitar... ahmm is Mavis MST- 600. I don't have any Amps at the moment but I'm planning to buy Ibanez amplifier.

      I play Japanese rock music or any rock and also Instrumental guitar solos. as long as there is lead solos on it. 

      My favorite guitar players are:

      "Masahiro Aoki" or Godspeed from G5 Project

      "A2C" From Mintjam


      I am a bedroom player :)

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    • jt76

      I have had serveral multi effects systems I now use pedals.

      there are advantages to both.  I got tired of presets and programing and prefer just to dial in the sound I want on an individual pedal.

      Some days I feel like 5 or 6 pedals, some days I don't feel like using them at all. 

      good starter pedals - overdirve - overdrive can be used to dirty up a clean amp and get a blues or classic rock sound

                 or it can be used to push a distored amp into a hardcore metal tone.   a fulltone ocd - is a very versitile overdrive

                                   - looper - a looper is an excellent practice tool or composing tool and has a few practical live applications also.

                                    - heavy distortion - if you amp does not have a distortion channel at all you may want a heavy distortion pedal. -I use a metal muff occasionally

                         next I you may want to consider

                - reverb - i you play alone in small rooms ( at low volumes) and your amp does not have reverb, reverb can make the amp sound more open

                                  - delay -  can add a litte echo to make things sound fuller or more interesting.

       get a multi  spot power supply - at bare minimum a visual sound 1 spot or similar.  otherwise you will go broke buying 9 volt batteries.


      I own a bunch of effects however,

      I typically use just the amp and barber super sport overdrive when playing with a band.   


      I use a barber super sport overdive and a electro harmonics metal muff into a tc electronic ditto looper directly into the input jack of whatever amp I happen to be using when I am practicing or writing,


      hard to say more without knowing what sound you are going for or what equipment you use.











    • Kurt G.

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. well I've learned from what you've commented. well I am planning to buy Multi effects for my first try..  but well yeah I think you're right.


      But I always play on bedroom. and I play Japanese Rock or any Instrumental songs. for example "G5 2007 "Words" " (sorry i can't post the link. It won't allow me, just check it on youtube if you have spare time) :)

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    • Kride

      Been back and forth with different setups but a decent wah, delay and reverb gets you going. Perhaps a TS sort of boost of sorts. Keep it simple and buy quality stuff. Saves up in the end of the day...

    • Adrian Arreola

      If you are new with amps and effects, I recommend getting a Digitech RP255. It is good and inexpensive. With this you can avoid having an amp. Just plug it to a good set of PC speakers and the processor could be also hooked to your PC. With this you can edit everything with the software, play along with your favorite tunes. You can have now a better idea of many kinds of amps, cabs and effects....

    • Jay M.

      I think it comes down to what you like and how you want to shape your sound so that you have a sound/tone that is unique to you.  I am from the "less is more" approach.  I use a pre-amp/power-amp setup, the only f/x I use are chorus for to enhance my clean tones, occassional delay for leads and a wah pedal.   The key factor is get what sounds good to you and don't be afraid to experiment with a variey of setups to get "your sound"

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