Low volume amps

Low volume amps

I live in a apartment and can't have big amps. I used to have a little fender 8 inch speaker combo that had perfect volume, but lacked features. I was thinking about running a line 6 pod hd x into a rocktron 100 power amp and into a set of blackstar 4x8's. But I thought I would see if any one knows of a better product. Doesn't seem to be to much on the market for bedroom players, and the amps there are seem to be crappy "practice" amps. but I want pro features and tone with less volume. Any thoughts?

Peter C.

In an apartment it would be hard to beat a pro-grade modeller. The Pod 2.0 is still a benchmark. Digitech are in there too. It is always a good idea to have a modeller up your sleeve and have a range of favourite patches ready to go. Modellers work in stereo and guitar amps don't and stereo trumps mono most times. Modellers solved the volume problem for everyone I think.  


the Yamaha looks sweet but no foot switch to change channels 


Anyone ever hook up a bass cab to there amp? Did it do anything to your low end? 


my brother plays a mesa triple through 2 marshall 4x12's and 2 bass cabs. sounds ridiculous.



all in preference..


can be done and does add to the low end. but look at it like this. the bass is supposed to carry the low end. you could potentially phase each other out and make your sound a little muddy. be compact but have some space as well with your sound.. imo

Jeff K.

Some of my favorite amps in the world are low-wattage "recording" amps. I've enjoyed some fantastic 5- and 10-watt amps. Amazing tone. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and many others used low-wattage amps in the studio. It's amazing what a biig sound you can get from a little amp, used right.


just use an attenuator 

Joey Spirito

Idk if anyone has said this yet but dude, get any fucking amp you want. Just make sure it has a headphone jack and get decent headphones. Then your set. Have your jam track on big headphones and earbuds into the amp. Perfect practice set up. Going to a gig, you have a bomb ass amp. Seems simple to me.


Im covered for jamming and gigging if I ever decided to play live. and I have the amplitube that I have been using. But I want a new set up for just playing at home. I want it to sound good and have features of a pro rig. But all I seem to find is cheap practise amps. i want more than 1 channel, fx loops, midi, tubes, ect ect. All the great stuff but with the volume of a stereo or TV. 

Death Magnetic

just ordered a Marshall DSL1, super stoked. i really wanted the JVM1 but i got a massive deal on a brand new DSL1 and i aways wanted a JCM2000 until they were discontinued. i really wish these amps wern't limited, they're so valuable. people are really offended at the price, but it's not bad at all cosnidering the features, value and perfect tone.

Daron S.

I have a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18 and an Engl Ironball. Both are great amps the H&K is 18w with a switch to go to 5w or 1w. The only issue I find is it gets a little fizzy if you try to push the gain too high. The Engl is 20w with a 5w and 1w setting and a headphone out. Much more versital amp, reverb all the gain you could ever want, vol boost, gain boost for clean and overdrive channel. price is a little steep on it vs the H&K though $1200 vs $600. But you get what you pay for.


If you have an ipad try the Bias app costs hardly anything and sounds amazing, just YouTube it there are some good sound demos. 

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