ltd sn-1000 truss rod adjustment



I have an ltd sn-1000 guitar and I wanted to adjust its truss rod myself. Now I have always done this on my previous guitars myself many times since all of them had their adjustment entrance on the top of the guitar neck. With this guitar however, the entrance point for adjustment is located at the end of the neck where the neck connects to the body. What I am seeing is that when I rotate the screw clockwise it works just like when the truss rod entrance is on top of the neck. However, when I want to rotate the screw in the counter clockwise direction, the screw loosens and drops off the truss rod. In my experience, when these screws are on the top of the guitar neck, they are fixed in their location while you are turning them clockwise or counter clockwise. But with this guitar, I am confused why this screw is not fixed in its location and drops out if I rotate it counter clock wise. 


Can someone help me out here please? I have tried to look at many youtube videos and there is none for adjusting the truss rod of such guitars. Also this post is during the covid era and I am not even sure if any guitar stores are open so I can go there and talk to someone.



Are you seeing any extra bow introduced when you loosen the truss rod? The screw may be falling out because the truss rod is fully relaxed.


Hi thanks for responding. I actually realized that I am making a mistake and rotating the wheel too much counter clockwise and since the neck is separated from the body, the wheel comes out. I appreciate your time

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