LTD MH-401B - truss rod hex key 4mm?

Andrew G.

Hello all,

according to all the manuals I can find, the hex key size for adjusting the truss rod on an LTD guitar should be 4mm. I just tried to adjust the truss rod of my LTD MH-401B with my hex key that clearly has 4mm marked on it but it slips as if it would be significantly too small.

I just wanted to ask to make sure that all LTD models, also baritone models use 4mm hex keys? I have been adjusting truss rods on many guitars for the last almost 30 years. I can't remember ever having this problem...


Andrew G.

Looks like this has happened to others as well

I will probably go to my local guitar repair shop and ask if it is possible to replace the truss rod nut.

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