Replacing the tone pot on my H1000 with a killswitch


Hi folks. 


It's been a fair few years since i posted here but i need some advise 


i have an H1000 in black. (old style with the cockstock) and i'm looking to replace the tone pot (which i never use) with a killswitch. Possible one of the tesiswitch ones as they dont require me drilling any holes in my axe. 


I'm still using the active 81 and 85 set however i do have sim's LED's running up the dot markers on my neck which seam to be activated only when the jack is inserted. 


Anyone done this before and could give some advise?  Will i lose any signal or gain any? 




You may gain some signal with pulling the tone pot out of the circuit. It all depends on the resistance of the killswitch. Should be easy enough to do, just a bit of rewiring.

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