New Nut for MX250

New Nut for MX250

I think it is time to replace the Nut on my MX250 and i would liek to replace it with an original . How and where can i order it? Has anyone experience with that?


I feel like this is something I should know, but don't. It looks to be carbon fiber, but I can't seem to find one online. You may want to try


I see ESP japan has carbon fiber nut blanks listed on their site ( of course you'd have to get it shaped and slotted by a luthier, as with any nut you buy. you're unlikely to find a pre shaped/cut nut for that guitar. also, I'm not sure how hard it would be to find a luthier willing to work with a carbon fiber nut. your other option would be to a black Tusq nut blank, which would easy to work with.


but this is all implying the question, why do you think you need a new nut?


@metalhobo Yes i saw that but i hoped to get a carbon fiber nut here in Germany. Im starting to get more fretbuzz on my Guitar and i checked everything else. The MX has been my mainguitar for over 3 years now (Live,Recording und just jamming) and so i change strings quite often.


a luthier can put a shim under the existing nut and adjust the slots thereafter. another method is to use some filler (very hard and smooth) to fill in the slots, then recut. 

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