ESP Eclipse lacquer crack or something more ?

Adrian M.

Hey !. I bought this Esp eclipse standard 2005 some time ago from second hand. I know these cracks were when I was buying a guitar 2 years ago. Last owner told me that he swaped stock nut. Is it possible that these cracks appeared during removal of old nut? Do you noticed that kind of lacquer cracks on other guitars? Please tell me if you know. I wonder if everyting is fine with my wood inside neck. There are links to HQ photos.


Unless they removed the nut with a heavy mallet, I'd guess it's more likely that the guitar took a pretty good shot to the headstock at some point in it's life. It's not a terrible break, and the globs around the nut make it look like someone tried to reinforce it with some sort of glue.

Not very pretty, but the guitar is probably fine.

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