[Help] Frets EC-401 FM Grainy/Rough

Erik W.

Hi guys. 

The other day or so I bought a LTD EC-401 FM for 30 bucks. The pots and guts wasnt there tho everything else like tune-o-matic, wraparound, tuners etc. But thats a easy fix. Got some pickups and pots  laying around from another guitar. However the frets had been levelled and crowned. Straight as an arrow now. Problem is that the guy that was fixing the guitar passed away before finishing. If I string it it up it is perfect when comes to straight neck and frets. Really low and nice feeling stringheight. Much better then the LTD EC-1000 I had before, tho...he never finished it. Which means even tho it looks perfect every bend feels scratchy and rough like sandpaper. Its a pure nightmare to bend, like dragging your nails across the blackboard. Is there a nice fix for this. Removing the scratches from when he levelled it? I rather do it myself mostly cause it will teach me for next time. Im hopening to get the frets polished somehow. Since its so perfectly levelled I dont wanna take on sanding and make it worse. Any suggestions. (Yes, I know I can leave it to a professional and he´ll do it. However I rather just do it myself so that I may learn something, either I fail or win. I allready checked with price for a new refretting if I fail  )

Hopening to get this done so that I can solder in some passives in this and get some new sound in the apartment.

Thanks in advance


When I do fretwork, I'll usually finish them using 3M sanding pads. I'd start with the Super Fine, then Ultra Fine and finish it off using the Micro Fine. After that, to finish it off, I'll polish each one with Brasso metal polish.

Erik W.

Just ordered it all except for the Brasso. Ill see If I can get something similar locally. I also ordered some Micro-mesh 6000-12000. Thank you for the fast answer. I just couldnt find myself back to my post lol. 


6000-12000 may be overkill, but they'll be nice and shiny!

I just bought the Brasso at Walmart. I think I've had the same bottle since I bought my house, so around 13 years. But yeah, any creme metal polish would work. I also know people who swear by Flitz.

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