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    Fishman Fluence install on ESP Horizon HRF NT-II


    The below info has been posted here in case anyone may find it useful.

    I replaced the pick-ups on my 2011 ESP HRF NT-II from Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB-1n / AHB-1b, to Fishman Fluence “Killswitch Engage” signature model pick-ups. Although the Blackouts are awesome pickups, I found them to be voiced to low-end heavy for my taste.

    Anyhow, keeping in mind that these are the first pick-ups I have ever wired; the challenge I found when replacing them was understanding how to wire the original ESP guitar switch (NKK M-2020, 3-way mini-switch) to the new Fishman wiring harness. As you can see in the image, the Fishman diagram shows a switch with 8 soldering lugs, while the original switch has 6. So, I was a bit lost as to which wire goes where.

    To attempt to solve this, on the original switch and harness, I examined which cable was wired to what, and then matched that with the cables on the fishman wiring diagram (shown in drawn blue, red, and green). It worked out nicely!

    Other notes:

    • Due to the height of the Fishman push/pull-pots and the height of the ESP cavity, you will need to take most of the spacers off tone-pot (the ones that go inside the cavity) to make it fit (volume pot has enough space, with all the spacers).

    • If you also want to fit the Fishman battery charger, it may be advisable to turn the pots with the soldering lugs pointing the opposite direction to one another - as to leave enough space for the charger.

    • I put the Fishman battery in the 9v battery compartment, since there was limited space in the main cavity. I had to widen the hole a little between the 2 compartments with a file (careful with that nice paint job!).

    • Are you also considering fitting Fishman's yourself, but are new to this? Know that it is quite complicated for a newbie, it takes considerable time and patience, and you should at least practice soldering a bit before attempting it. No I don' recommend it, but if you are happy with that and want to learn something, go for it! Obviously at your own risk ;-) Was super fun, and I'm stoked it worked out






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