• AK

    Need Help Concerning Hardware Change on ESP Eclipse

    Hi everyone.

    I am buying a 2010 Eclipse (with the old logo) and EMGs. Anyway, it has chrome hardware on it and Gotoh tuners I think. I would like to swap all hardware to black. So I have couple of questions:

    1) If I am to get a Tonepros or a Gotoh bridge/tailpiece which model would I need (I think some have thicker and some have thinner screws to fit the body)?

    2) I would like to change the plastic hat knobs to metal dome knobs, does anyone know the thickness I would look for so they can fit? Stewmac has 2 different versions: 6mm shaft and 1/4" shaft?

    3) Can I swap the Gotoh tuners to Sperzel locking tuners without drilling the headstock?

    4) Would standard oval jackplates that are available on Stewmac fit the Eclipse?

    Thanks a lot

    • Big Daddy B

      trying my best here....


      1. look for a metric set

      2. PM me and I will look up the ones I got for my KH-20. They are perfect.

      3. Off the top of my head no, but they have some new models including one that doesn't require drilling but it will "bite" into the headstock. I bet Pus will know or have some recommendations. I also prefer Sperzels.

      4. It should. I bought one for the KH20 and it again was perfect. Does your guitar have an oval or a square though? Just double check.

    • Pushead

      Big Daddy has you covered on 1) & 2)

      3) You can pull the set pin from the Sperzel tuner using a pair of pliers and just hold the tuner in with the bushing. I've done it numerous times. Though that being said, you may want to consider replacing the Gotoh locking tuners that are in it with a set of the new design Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners. Very similar to Sperzels, but fit in the exact holes of your current tuners, and they're a higher ratio, so they tune a bit more precise. I've replaced a few set of Sperzels with the new design Magnum Locks and really like them.

      Magnum Locks at Stewmac

      4) Yeah those jackplates will work. If not Stewmac, Guitarpartsresource is a good place to pick up parts. They're usually a bit higher in price, but they tend to have more black hardware than Stewmac.

    • AK

      Thanks a lot for the help guys. Much appreciated.

    • Nathan S.

      I will give a double thumbs up to the Sperzel EZ mounts, no drill, super easy install. Put them on my LTD EXP200 and V200 both. They just have a couple barbs that bite in when you tighten them down rather than having to drill pin holes.

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