ESP Eclipse 2007 Japan

ESP Eclipse 2007 Japan

Hi guys, 

I´m doing some renovation on my Eclipse. The problem is that I´m not that experienced in changing hardware and stuff. Everything is stock at this point and I´m about to change all hardware. What I need help with is what type of bridge, tailpiece and machine heads I will need to fit the guitar? Dont want to drill anything....


For example, will this fit?



Yes, that bridge will fit.

But if you're changing the color of all of your hardware, be careful with the bridge. On my 2004, the Gotoh 101z stop bar fit, but for some reason ESP used the SAE bushings in the guitar instead of the metric, which means the posts didn't fit. I had to buy the bridge posts separately from Amazon (I think) because Gotoh doesn't sell them as an option for the stop bar.

Also the Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners will be a direct replacement for what you currently have. Their new version (with the locking thumb wheel like Sperzel) are significantly nicer than the version currently on your guitar.

Klas H.

Thanks mate! 

That was excactly the information I needed. I agree, the Magnum lockers looks rather nice.

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