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What case will properly fit an early 90' ESP M1

I just bought the guitar from someone out of state and want to send him a case to ship me the guitar in.


Thanks in advance!


Virtually any Strat/Superstrat sized case.  I've used the shaped Fender cases with reverse headstock Mirages before.

Nathan S.

Nevermind the case, let's see your 440 Sixpack Cuda I am assuming you must have by your chosen screen name.


Yes, you are correct sir.


Nathan S.

Awesome, very nice car!!

Emma H.

For all intents and purposes any Strat/Superstrat estimated case. I've utilized the formed Fender cases with invert headstock Mirages some time recently.

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Thanks, I found an OEM ESP case on Amazon. Perfect fit!!!

walter j.

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Merry R.

In every practical sense any assessed case. I've used the framed Fender cases with transform Mirages some time as of late.Assignment Provider Students from every college or university go through that phase in their lives where the stress of making many assignments and preparing for the upcoming exams falls on their mind.

David L.

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Anna H.

Dam. That guitar store looks cool. Here in London, we have barely any stores.

Dirck G.

Yeah it looks great. I want to try play something on it

Dirck G.

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Jenna  G.

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Jane W.

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Humus L.

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Jack P.


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