The Fake ESP Thread

The Fake ESP Thread

Pushead and I are here to help verify ESP and LTD guitars. If you have, or are looking to buy a guitar that you're unsure of, post pictures and questions in this thread. Please post clear pictures of the front and back of the headstock, the fretboard, and the front and back of the body. Preferably before you buy anything.

Anyone else is free to offer suggestions on authenticity. If you answer a post, please tell us why you think it's real or fake.

mystery o.

Hey there,


Someone is asking $600 for this guitar. Having a hard time telling if it's authentic. Can someone on here please help? Hoping to swoop it up tomorrow if it's legit. Thanks so much for the help! (Oh, also any concern about those cracks/fractures in the fret board binding?) <3


Seller says, "original fitted case. replaced stock tuners with Planet Waves tuners also replaced the stock tune-o-matic bridge with a roller bridge (the original tuners and bridge are still in the case)"




The Eclipse is legit, a 2006 model. The small cracks in the neck binding are fairly common. Nothing to worry about.

Sorry my reply is so late, I don't know how I missed your post. Hopefully you were able to make a comfortable decision if you went to see the guitar.

Tom R.

Any opinions on the legitimacy of this Custom Shop Forest GT? Seller says it's a 2008. Looks fine to me but thought I should check. I realize it has had some parts swapped out. Also, what paperwork would this have shipped new with?



Looks good to me. It's a 2008 model and it is, in fact, a Custom Shop model.


Hello, was hoping you all could look at this one for me, being sold locally at an almost "too good to be true price" thank you! 


It's legit. A 2019 EC-1000. Good luck if you decide to get it.


Thank you kindly, going to go get it this afternoon!

Meeky F.

Need help dating/verifying this oddity.

No serial number or logos other than what's shown.

Bought it used ~20 years ago in Massachusetts.

2 volume, 2 tone, 3 way toggle on upper horn, and a Kahler. 

I've never seen a Horizon model with a Les Paul style electronics layout.



Hard to pin that one down. It's likely newer than 1990, which is when they switched to the current "knife" shape for the headstock instead of the Jackson shaped. No ESP circle logo on the back leads me to believe it was made for the Japanese domestic market, but with no serial number, it could be that the guitar was refinished at some point in the past. I've seen that logo before, though it's not a common logo.

I've never seen that setup before on a Horizon, but again, guitars ordered in Japan don't always (or even often) match what is available in a catalog. With the switch on the top horn, 4 knob layout and Kahler, I'd suspect it was special ordered in Japan sometime in the early 90s.

Meeky F.

Thanks, Pushead.  Appreciate your time.

Nothing looks fake about it?

I plan on putting it all back together if it's worth it.


The logo is the most suspect looking thing, but again, I've seen it before. I think you're in good shape.

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