The Fake ESP Thread

The Fake ESP Thread

Pushead and I are here to help verify ESP and LTD guitars. If you have, or are looking to buy a guitar that you're unsure of, post pictures and questions in this thread. Please post clear pictures of the front and back of the headstock, the fretboard, and the front and back of the body. Preferably before you buy anything.

Anyone else is free to offer suggestions on authenticity. If you answer a post, please tell us why you think it's real or fake.

Richard F.

Geez. Just realized that when my phone was glitching up earlier, leading me to think nothing was posting, it actually was posting. Tried to edit/delete, but it doesn’t seem to wanna let me for some reason


It's legit. A late 2017 EC-401.


Hey everyone  just looking for a check on this guitar thanks!


Alexi looks good to me.

Veli H.


Hi, I recently obtained this MX-II from a trusted source in Japan. Everything about the MX-II appears to be genuine to me, except for the fact that this was made in 2020 according to the serial number but I bought it last month and the warranty card has "4" and "2021" written on it. I'm assuming that the numbers "4" and "2021" on the warranty card refer to the month and year of sale. Hence, I wanted to post these photographs to the forum so that I can make sure that this is a genuine ESP MX-II. I would be happy and grateful to obtain some input. 

Thank you, 


Anders S.

Thinking of buying this one, seems legit? 

Anders S.

The images didn't upload apparently... 


Does this one seem legit?




Both the MX and the Eclipse are legit. The MX was built in 2020, but perhaps not ready for sale until 21. The Eclipse is a 2008 model.

Anders S.

THank you, sorry for a late reply but I am a little bit worried do. Purchased the guitar. it plays really nice but two things nags me. One is the binding, it looks really bad to be honest. Might be that it's just played a lot but still. The other one is the case. I have never seen one with the plate with ESP written on it together with the URL. Might be that it was standard in 08. I hate the nagging feeling of that I might have purchsed a dud.  


Hi Everyone, (First post so sorry if I get anything wrong here!)

So I'm looking to purchase an ESP Horizon...looks like a 2007, and I can't see anything in particular that tells me it's a fake, but obviously there's some great helpful, knowledgable people here that I'd love an opinion from too! Interestingly, it looks like it's a see thru black with a Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncans. I can't find anything that resembles that spec in the ESP catalogues until 2012 - might that be an issue?


Thanks everyone in advance!!



Arvin S.

Hey guys I saw this listing and was wondering if it's legit?


Both the Horizon and the FRX are legit.

Alex G.

Hello and thanks in advance.

I just bought a Horizon Standard and everything looks Ok to me except for a really goofy case and a minor flaw... One of the tuning keys is slightly crooked (low E string).

what do you think about the guitar and its case?

Thank you very much










The Horizon is legit. A 2011 model. You may be able to loosen the screw on the pickup and rotate it a bit to be in line with the rest. Nothing looks particularly goofy to me about the case. Am I missing something?

Alex G.

Thanks for the reply. l had never seen an ESP case with this kind of padding in the top lid, like an egg tray.


I see that more often in guitars listed in Europe, for some reason. I think I have one case like that, but you don't run into those in the US too often.

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